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Holy Grand Rapids Micro Black Hole Sinkhole Batman?

January 30, 2013

On January 23, 2013 a massive micro black hole orbited into the Earth in Grand Rapids, Michigan and opened up a large Sinkhole and created a particle string winding through the Earth and atmosphere .  Through vacuum energy, beta decay and ionizing radiation it sucked in a tree, destroyed underground piping and began collapsing roadway near a power pole.  On January 30th, the still orbiting micro black hole string, weighing millions of tons, was streaking through the atmosphere at hundreds of miles per second toward Grand Rapids, MI leaving a massive contrail of  condensed atmospheric gasses and electromagnetic radiation directly in a path towards Grand Rapids, MI.  It was orbiting out of the ground in Eastern Europe and causing a low pressure disturbance in that area.  Due to gravitational and magnetic attraction it streaked towards the southern jet stream and became entangled with other massive orbiting particles streaking towards the massive sinkhole in Dover, Ohio.

It, along the the other micro black hole strings pulled extreme vacuum and triggered tornadoes in GA and Tennessee and severe destruction with possible loss of lives.

Grand Rapids Sinkholesinkhole-01-23-13-8 (1) 1-30-13 GR3 1-30-13 GR2 Scary.


    • Thanks, I saw that but quite honestly I am so busy trying to figure out what is happening in the Western Hemisphere and dodging tornadoes I have not had a chance to research. If the weakening/sinkholes are due to orbiting energetic particles they will most likely orbit up in the Eastern Pacific, head towards the sourthern Jet Stream and back up towards that Area in China. Doppler Radar seems to be good at picking up “tracks”. Not sure what they have available in that area.

      Thank you for following

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