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February 1, 2013

Double Rainbow1OK, the double rainbow thing again. Do you notice that the red light rays are always on the inside band of the rainbow against the dark area between? Is this red-shifted light radiation escaping the clutches of our friend orbiting through the dark band at hundreds/thousands of miles per second? Due to the extreme local effects of quantum gravity only red-shifted light rays should make it out alive first. Is that why we are all seeing red?  Or is it just all of the physicist’s bloodshot eyes? Or is it just my crazy quantum mind playing cat-like tricks on me.

double rainbow2Physicists will tell you that the red light is just a double bubble bounce of light rays. Really? That does not explain the condensation you see coming off those rainbows. Or the lightning bolts I showed you previously. The other thing you will notice is that these double rainbow orbits can be in any orientation with the Earth. Prior to Hurricane Sandy they were actually hanging in the air and interacting with other ice halo orbits all orbiting around the larger orbiting particle I call Sandy.

Do you see what I believe is our MASSIVE misinterpretation of what is occurring and that it is costing us dearly?  I know that some of you do.  The question is what will you do about it?  You have had enough time now to realize all the implications of what I am telling you.  Go forward and do what you should.  Do not do it for me, do it for our children.


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  1. Gracie permalink

    Since you mention light and lightening I apprehensively leave you with this interesting video I just now ran across:

    • Gracie permalink

      Let me assure I realize the above video is only that man’s perspective.

      • Thanks,

        I agree with that video. This dark matter I am referring to is really just a micro black hole ball of Dark Energy/Entropy. Even that Doppler radar that is hitting its surface is changing the energy state of it. When I say that it is massive, although it reacts gravitationally like a mass, it is really just a massive quantum particle. If you tried to weigh that particle orbiting it would pass right through a normal scale…

    • Gracie,

      Thank you very much, and once again I apologize for sounding like I was directing frustration at you with your last comment, which was not meant to be the case. My frustration was meant to be directed at some of the other statements in that article. When I click on your link I get “This video does not exist”, can you double check?

      Thank you for following


  2. Gracie permalink

    Is this the link you mean?
    Sometimes I wonder who is thwarting me on this blog. I speak to no one else but you and I am thwarted all the time. Also thanks for your kind words.

    • Sometimes my blog software, WordPress, has a bad spell, like all of us…

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