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Somewhere Along the Line

February 6, 2013

2-6-13 Casa GrandeSomewhere along the line in my life I got the strange notion that many clouds were energetic dark matter particle contrails. I imagined that these particles were expelled from the sun during CMEs and solar flares and into our inner solar system and that many of them took up orbit through and around the Earth for awhile. I imagined that they oriented themselves gravitationally and magnetically in our jet streams, a sort of accretion disk of energetic dark matter particles orbiting at hundreds to thousands of miles/second and condensing water vapor and air moving at hundreds of miles per hour. I imagined that those particles broke loose from those jet streams and orbited across our country and world and down into sinkholes in the Earth at which point they triggered beta decay and weakening of the Earth and other baryonic matter in their path leading to possible sinkholes, seismic events, ionization and collapse of matter. Along their path I imagined that they would condense water vapor and collapse gasses as well as create severe low pressure systems and air turbulence. I imagined they might charge up the atmosphere as they orbited and also create lightning due to the particle’s charged surface. I also imagined that they could create electromagnetic disturbances in their path that may interfere with any electronic equipment such as aircraft and automobiles, etc, possibly stalling the engines due to a sudden burst of ionizing electrical charge, the engine block no longer “grounding” the motor.  I imagined that this is where some of the missing 95% dark energy of the universe is hiding. Of course if I am right this would imply the core of the Earth is dark matter, which, if you think about it that would explain the Earth’s magnetic field and magnetotail. After imagining all of that I looked toward the sun and saw those magnetic elliptical helical flux tubes and it all seemed to make sense, and then I woke up from my daydream.

Along the line of my imagined entangled particle streams on today’s update, another small plane went down.

I am not sure I am imagining all of this.

Two people are dead after a small plane crashed near the runway at Casa Grande Municipal Airport on Wednesday morning, officials said.
The plane crashed shortly after 11:30 a.m. just north of the runway, according to the Casa Grande Fire Department. The plane was destroyed by fire, and no one was seen leaving the aircraft, said Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor.
One witness apparently saw the plane, which looked like a six-seater, try to land on the runway when it kicked up and flipped over.
It is unknown if there are any other injuries. Authorities have closed the airport until the wreckage can be cleared.

2-6-13 Casa Grande4 2-6-13 Casa Grande3 2-6-13 Casa Grande2

Some of these cloud contrails appear to be heading to Nebraska and Iowa. Possibly here and here

Of course we can always blame these things on Earthly causes and continue to live in our bubble that gets popped quite often.


  1. Gracie permalink

    Do you mean this video on earthly causes that I just watched before I checked in on you (coincidentally) is a load of bollocks?? Wow….this is getting confusing….

    • Gracie,

      I personally do not believe in chemtrails. I absolutely believe that warm air rising can create clouds, especially over mountains. I also believe that water vapor can refract light and create rainbows. That is what is so deceptive about these particles. They also create clouds and create double rainbows. But I believe these are much more energetic and can also create tornadoes and hurricanes. I believe the economics of creating your own clouds through either condensing or chemical application would make one go broke very quickly. You either have to remove alot of heat from the air, which is expensive (your refrigerator in your house is an example) or you need to spray a hell of a lot of chemicals)



  2. Gracie permalink

    Thanks for your honest reply. I’m not sure either but whether we believe in it or not, something is happening. Otherwise geoengineering regulation wouldn’t be an issue.
    Snip>>25. These techniques are in use to precipitate rain and to suppress precipitation and hail.[54] Dr James Lee, from the American University, Washington DC, pointed out in his memorandum that cloud seeding was first scientifically demonstrated in 1946[55] and “is a geoengineering tool that is widely used by more than 30 countries” and that with climate change, fresh water resources will be in decline in many parts of the world and one “result may be an increase in the use of cloud seeding”.[56] He cited the example of China, whose:

    cloud seeding program is the largest in the world, using it to make rain, prevent hailstorms, contribute to firefighting, and to counteract dust storms. On New Year’s Day in 1997, cloud seeding made snow in Beijing, for probably no other reason than popular enjoyment. During the 2008 Olympics, China extensively used cloud seeding to improve air quality. China sees cloud seeding as part of a larger strategy to lower summer temperatures and save energy.<<<end snip


  3. Neither link is working…

  4. Give me the http address to the video and I will post for you

  5. Gracie permalink

    Could you please erase those incorrect links for me? Thanks.

    • I have removed the other links. Gracie, I am just trying to do research on collapsed/dark matter to see if it might be orbiting and condensing water vapor in our atmosphere, creating low pressure disturbances and triggering sinkholes in the Earth through Beta decay. This would be going on for billions of years, long before man came along and invented the airplane. I am a chemical engineer and I understand that through various chemical applications and/or emissions one can have influence on the atmosphere. I am not trying to research “chemtrails” because that is really not my interest. I am not blocking any links, maybe they are blocking my site, I do not know. I do want to have an open mind though and everyone is welcome to their opinions/beliefs.

      I appreciate you following.

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