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February 11, 2013

manitoba plane crashBasically, one of the things my research predicts is severe air turbulence along a winding path between the low pressure disturbance the particle is orbiting out of and the sinkhole that the particle is orbiting into every ten seconds or so. I believe that the more massive the particle, the more severe the disturbance. I realize that passenger jets have multiple engines and systems to handle failures. Small planes, however are at a disadvantage. I believe the energetic particles, if they exist, can either mechanically damage the air frame or cause an electromagnetic disturbance in the engine and/or instruments. For the past two months I have been tracking low pressure systems in from the Northwest towards Dover, OH. The jet stream has remained in fairly good agreement with this and the low pressure disturbances are fairly easy to track coming in from the NW. As I said over the weekend, one of the disturbances I was tracking matched up fairly well with a waterspout reported over lake Michigan, matching my theory.

2-11-13 JetstreamUnfortunately there was another small plane crash yesterday in the path I am tracking four or five disturbances heading towards Ohio. I have no way of knowing what happened and I do not want speculate, I only want to say it is another plane crash in a line that I have been plotting for almost two months.

Man, three boys die in Manitoba plane crash

Nine-year-old Dawson Pentecost was hanging out with his two closest friends, buddies on his Manitoba hockey team, when they asked him if he wanted to go for a plane ride with their dad.

Dawson had never been on a plane before and he phoned his own father to make sure it was OK.

Dave Pentecost knew the pilot well. Darren Spence, was an experienced crop-dusting pilot in the small town of Waskada and if he was going to trust his son with anyone in the air, it would be Spence.

But later Sunday afternoon, Pentecost, a construction worker and volunteer firefighter, got a message on his pager that a plane had gone down. He rushed out on snowmobile to a field outside of town and was one of the first to find the wreckage.

He fell to his knees and cried. Everyone on board the plane – Dawson, his friends Gage, 10, and Logan, 9, and their dad, Spence – was dead

It is for this reason that I am sharing my research as I go along.  I have to collect enough data and do more testing before I have enough information to attempt to publish to a peer reviewed journal.

Uncertainty Certainly



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