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Quantum Enlightenment?

February 13, 2013

Quantum Gravity:

Most observed physical phenomena can be described well by quantum mechanics or general relativity, without the need for both. This can be thought of as due to an extreme separation of mass scales at which they are important. Quantum effects are usually important only for the “very small”, that is, for objects no larger than typical molecules. General relativistic effects, on the other hand, show up mainly for the “very large” bodies such as collapsed stars. (Planets’ gravitational fields, as of 2011, are well-described by linearized gravity except for Mercury’s perihelion precession; so strong-field effects—any effects of gravity beyond lowest nonvanishing order in φ/c2—have not been observed even in the gravitational fields of planets andmain sequence stars). There is a lack of experimental evidence that relates to quantum gravity. Moreover, classical physics adequately describes the observed effects of gravity over a range of 50 orders of magnitude of mass, i.e., for masses of objects from about 10−23 to 1030 kg. However, there are certain physical phenomena such as singularities that are “very small” spatially (volume) yet are “very large” from mass and energy perspectives. Such objects cannot be understood with current models of quantum mechanics, nor can they be explained by general relativity. This situation highly motivates the search for a theory of quantum gravity.

If my research and theory are correct, those massive quantum particles orbiting above and their entropic gravitational pull on their surroundings are creating the massive suction on the Earth and triggering those severe storms.

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  1. jzues permalink

    thought of DM

    • Looks about right, those jet/particle streams I have been tracking have been going over Louisiana for the past week. I believe they come in lots of different momentums and energy levels. Dark Matter is not always DARK.

      Thanks for following

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