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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

February 27, 2013

eastwood_good_uglySo I just wanted to take a minute to summarize the findings of my research to date, my rather odd results and its predictions so everyone is clear.  I had to be creative to recognize and develop the theory so that is the way I tell the story.  You can see that I like pictures and music, too much quiet reminds me of the vacuum from whence I came and shall return soon enough.   The physicists have done all of the hard work knocking out the research, mine is more putting it all together and telling the story, which is a better role for me.  My research and thoughts are mostly in line with a theory of quantum gravity, dark matter and M Theory. Please realize it is not peer reviewed, so take it for what it is worth.  Laugh, cry, jump, scream, scoff and/or enjoy.

The Good

  • black hole energy95% of the Energy in the universe is locked behind the surface of those energetic particles.  Unlock it and our energy problems go away
  • Although their orbits are quantum and tied to a probability curve, the destinations of many of the most massive particle orbits appear to be locked into the Earth’s surface allowing one to predict a destination for the orbit and atmospheric disturbance.
  • The tracks of these particles are gravitationally following/entangled with other particles and are steered by them as well as the ocean currents and interaction with ordinary matter.
  • If we can do a better job tracking these particles, we can minimize the uncertainty in our lives.
  • There may be places on Earth where these energetic particles are orbiting all of the time, possibly at the magnetic poles, which can be exploited for humanities benefit.
  • They are orbiting in filaments throughout our universe and all gravitational bodies.
  • It solves the problem of quantum gravity and unifying physics if all of these differing energies/effects can be generated from one orbital particle.
  • Something in the fields is telling us this and trying to help us along.  I am going to refer to him/her as God for now.  He/she predicted Hurricane Sandy three months ahead of time which is exactly when those energetic particles orbited into Earth according to my research, probably from a CME, creating the large disturbance in the Earth in the Erie canal area, which I have discussed.

The Bad

  • frogThe more energetic particles are hard on biology, they damage DNA and cells, triggering mutations, many times bad.  We are being bio-formed at varying energy levels continuously. Once in a while we get a new type of frog and such from it…(which really should be in the good category)
  • The particles create ionizing radiation in the ground and atmosphere.  Mostly very low energy, but still pervasive.
  • The most energetic particles can orbit in anywhere on Earth and at any time.  It is a roll of the dice.  God plays dice and he hides the dice, but in throwing the dice, they leave a trail. I borrowed most of that from Stephen Hawking, he is much smarter than I.
  • Since they come in all energies, I think once in a while we get orbited into by the big ones which messes things up for a good long time on our planet

The Ugly

  • sun-angryFission Reactors are very unsafe if energetic Beta Decay/LENR can occur rapidly anywhere on Earth at anytime.
  • The vacuum energy by itself is relatively benign as it is locked behind the surface of those particles.  Encase it within the shell of a large meteorite or comet body and subject it to an outside mass-energy dense medium and you potentially have a very large nuclear bomb, possibly like Tunguska , what recently happened in Russia or maybe when comet Holmes exploded.
  • Our Sun has beacoup amounts of this stuff orbiting around her.  If she gets angry Earth may be toast.  If this stuff is massive and energetic, the CME does not necessarily need to hit us directly, Earth may orbit into it on her way around the Sun.

Just sharing my thoughts.


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