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Bizarro Superman?

March 1, 2013

Evidence of the mysterious blast 13 years after the cataclysmic explosion

My thoughts on Tunguska.

1) The object exploded over Earth just like the recent Meteor did in Russia, leveling millions of trees. Good article here:

2) The area was covered with high traces of iridium, which is rare on the Earth’s surface.

3) Iridium was also found at the K-T Boundary layer and is most prevalent at the Earth’s core

4) We are are being struck by “cores”. Many of these meteors and shooting stars have the same type of dark matter core as the Earth, although typically much smaller, which triggers beta decay and low energy nuclear actions around its surface, creating the exotic metals seen in these comets and meteors. When they heat up in a mass-energy dense environment, like the atmosphere, the pressure builds at the center core’s surface as it becomes energetic, builds pressure and the metallic shell explodes just like a nuclear pipe bomb. Same effect when comet Holmes exploded with nuclear force.

superman_vs_bizarro_by_edgarmartiarena-d4tl5lm5) I think much of the asteroid belt might be left over entropic mass expelled from solar CMEs that did not orbit into any planets and are out there collecting dust on their nuclear bubble, waiting to deliver their joy. As Clark Kent enters Earth’s orbit he sheds his metallic armor and superman becomes just another thermodynamic upset in the atmosphere and sinkhole/seismic activity in the ground as he orbits for a while through the jet streams. Only difference is this is the Bizarro Superman.

As a kid I built lots of explosive stuff from gunpowder and firecracker cores, I blew a few small things up, some things that I should not have and launched rockets. I also threw lots of snowballs and none of them exploded with the nuclear force of 30 Hiroshima bombs like the recent explosion in Russia or 10-15 Megatons like Tunguska.  And all of  my snowballs melted in the heat of the sun, unlike Comet Lovejoy which passed right through it.

Where are the Super Friends or Fantastic 4 when you need them? Just hiding in the fields and giving us clues?


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  1. Nichole permalink

    My thoughts on the Universe(s) – I believe there are an infinite number of them – I have worked for years on the theory that there are multiple upon multiple universes. The ebb and flow of which explode and re-explode causing an infinite recycling program of solar systems, dark energy, dark matter, etc. Think of an infinite number of hour glasses. Each Universe is contained in one hour glass which is connected to the next which is connected to the next… you get my point. As each Universe is “funneled” through the small part of the hour glass shape (or sucked through (black hole) at an undetermined yet very high rate of speed it explodes through the other side of the hour glass and continues to expand and accelerate as it heads towards the next narrowing, thus causing an infinite number of “big bangs”. As each burst of gas and dust explodes through the narrow opening into the dark matter it forms a sort of bubble (not unlike a lava lamp – but with purpose because of the dark energy), a spinning motion begins and of course gravity and friction start the new process of forming solar systems. I think I will stop here. I always feel a little crazy trying to explain this to someone. Your asteroid belt theory made me think of my theory of the Kuiper belt. I have very few people I can discuss this with who understand what the heck I am saying. Sorry if this was way off base. It happens.

    • Similar to you, I believe we are living a “Mr. Bubble” experience. We live inside our own universal bubble (black hole) with our own set of physical laws unified/stemming from the entropy within our bubble. I think of entropy like a pressure. Depending upon the mass/energy of each bubble, the pressure and energy varies inside. Verlinde showed gravity is an entropic force and how the total energy, (including dark) adds up to the total entropy within our universal (bubble). I am trying to show how entropy is the unifying force in our universe and marries all of the forces together, most of which can be seen if you study a double rainbow, which I believe is nothing but an orbiting micro black hole “bubble” of entropy. It appears to be that within our bubble there are lots of other energetic bubbles (black holes) that are forming at all different energy levels. As opposed to exploding, I believe lots of these bubbles are “coalescing” as are the weather particles that coalesce with the Earth’s core bubble, sort of recharging bubbles. We are just living on top of one of those bubbles we call Earth, which has a dark matter nucleus, which has built up a large amount baryonic crust around it from evaporation. I believe some of the bubbles also do annihilate and possibly form smaller bubbles. I believe our magnetic fields that protect us are just more orbiting micro black hole bubbles. I also wonder about the “neutron mass” at the center of each atom as it may be a very low energy bubble, I am not sure. And yes, I believe the number of bubbles are infinite. I see your “funnel” as the surface of those black holes. Gravity is just the entropic flow between bubbles, possibly neutrinos and such.

      Thank you for your insights

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