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The Nine Quantum Particles of the Apocolypse

March 27, 2013

Durer_Revelation_Four_RidersDuring October, as the quantum micro black hole particle strings that created Sandy gained in energy, those filaments were fluctuating back and forth across Michigan and Canada towards New York.  Along their path they were creating an ultra cold conveyor of condensed water vapor as they extracted heat and entropy from their surroundings. While pulling a vacuum, they created a wailing sound in the atmosphere along that cold jet stream. Along the particle’s paths there were multiple reports of strange noises from the sky as well as ice halos and such as I mentioned previously. Below is what the sky sounded like over Michigan, which is much like what it sounded like in New Jersey/New York a week later, just before before the nine or so quantum particles of the apocalypse arrived to unleash their wicked destruction.


From → Geophysics

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