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The Bees Knees Knows – Say 5 Times Fast

April 1, 2013

Crop Caduceus Bee Crop Circle

“To the extent that we value a diverse food supply with minimized trauma to the environments where it is produced, we will place a high value indeed on honey bees and other pollinators.”

Keith S. Delaplane, Professor, Dept. Entomology, 
University of Georgia, Athens, GA

I have been studying Earth’s magnetic fields a bit more, looking for signs of quantum behavior linked to these fields, which I believe are quantum in nature. It has brought me to our friend the honeybee that helps pollinate some of the food we eat as well as much of the flora around us. Many know that a honeybee, after finding a food source, travels back to the hive and performs an intricate dance for his hivemates.

From Discover:

Honeybees don’t have much in the way of brains. Their inch-long bodies hold at most a few million neurons. Yet with such meager mental machinery honeybees sustain one of the most intricate and explicit languages in the animal kingdom

Scientists are finding that honeybees are actually performing a quantum dance.  One that is relaying both the distance and direction of the food source.

The Mysterious “Quantum” Dance of the Bees

Dr. Barbara Shipman

In the mid-90′s, mathematician Barbara Shipman was working on her PhD thesis at the University of Arizona, on the dynamics and geometry of flag manifolds.  Part of her work involved creating 2-dimensional projections of the 6-dimensional manifolds (in the same way a circle is a 2-dimensional projection of a 3-dimensional sphere).  Looking at the projections, she noticed an eerie similarity to the “waggle” and “circle” dances that honey bees use to communicate food locations to fellow workers.  Shipman knew that depending on the distance of the food source, the “waggle” dance would change its pattern, and then suddenly shift to a “circle” dance.  Shipman found that the bee dance patterns exactly matched the 2-D projections of the 6-D flag manifold space she was researching.

Imagine a torus (donut-shape) passing vertically through a horizontal plane.  If you observe the interaction of the two shapes from the perspective of the plane (two dimensions) then first you see an oval growing bigger, then suddenly two ovals getting farther apart, then two circles, then two ovals getting closer together, then one oval getting smaller until it disappears.  In the same way the oval “suddenly” becomes two ovals (as the hole of the donut passes through the plane), the bees waggle dance instantly shifted to a circle dance.

calabi-yau_manifold_large2So were the bees perceiving a six-dimensional manifold of some sort?  Or were they somehow using 6-D geometry to encode location information?

Shipman speculated that the bees might somehow be perceiving information on the quantum level.  From the Discover article:

“The flag manifold, she notes, in addition to providing mathematicians with pure joy, also happens to be useful to physicists in solving some of the mathematical problems that arise in dealing with quarks, tiny particles that are the building blocks of protons and neutrons.  And she does not believe the manifold’s presence both in the mathematics of quarks and in the dance of honeybees is a coincidence.  Rather she suspects that the bees are somehow sensitive to what’s going on in the quantum world of quarks, that quantum mechanics is as important to their perception of the world as sight, sound, and smell. “

So can bees “see” or sense the quantum magnetic field?.  Bees have molecules of cryptochrome in their bodies that are involved in their circadian rhythms and navigational functions. Do bee brains contain neuron-circuits that encode locations using quantum mechanics?  And then decode the same information while watching another bee dance?

We all know about colony collapse disorder.  One of the many possible explanations for the dramatic decline in bee populations (especially in the U.S. and Europe) is the increase of cell phone towers and cell phone use.  One study in India (reported by CNN) attached cell phones to a hive and powered them up.  The bees did not fare well.  This study got more press than it deserved — radiation from cell phones drops off very quickly with distance.  Still — it’s possible that very weak electromagnetic fields from power lines and cell towers could be disrupting the delicate quantum-entangled state that allows birds (and possibly bees, cows, salmon, and other animals) to navigate/orient via magnetic fields.  Cows near power lines standing willy-nilly, bees getting lost, and so on.

Thorsten Ritz, in his paper Resonance effects indicate a radical-pair mechanism for avian magnetic compass, found that extremely weak oscillating fields disrupted the ability of the robins to navigate.  From the paper:

In the control condition, the robins exhibited seasonally appropriate northerly orientation, but in the presence of broadband (0.1–10 MHz, 0.085 µT) and single-frequency (7 MHz, 0.47 µT) oscillating fields, both vertically aligned, the birds were disoriented.

So it’s possible that ambient EMF radiation in developed areas (or anywhere near power lines) is enough to also disrupt bee navigation.  And if bees can’t find their way back to the hive, they die.

There is a growing awareness of EMF pollution and its risks.  Communities pushing back against telecommunications and power companies is the only thing that will make any difference — capitalism left to its own devices will ignore all safety and environmental considerations.

There is recent disturbing news about our bee population:

beeColony collapse disorder in bee populations has increased this year, wiping out as much as half of commercial honeybees. The New York Times has this story as front page news in their print version, but you can read online how this problem will mean smaller harvest and higher prices on produce.

Keeping our crops pollinated may hinge on protecting the ability of bees to preserve quantum coherence.  I am beginning to believe that our long term survival as humans is also dependent upon the quantum field, which appears to vary greatly in energy/vacuum levels over time and location.  Best we understand that our lives are 95% quantum and it is time to look behind the curtain.


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