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The Great Plan

April 12, 2013

This is Beautiful

Nae's Nest

It is the heartbeat of the sun, the pulse of the earth    

Life lives within life. It is the law of the universe.

Identically different, opposites attract

Reversed in a mirror. Life’s cycle interacts

Everything flows in and out. The axis of life, waters and sprouts.

Life is a circle, within and without. As above so below, from valley to mount

It is the tide of time, the rise and fall. A pendulum swinging, the law of all

Within the rhythm of life, all will manifest. All measured by cause and effect.

Wisdom is silent to the ears of rejection, Wisdom takes time and years of reflection

All is the mind as so the universe.  All is God in scripture and verse

In the circle is a perfect ring.The law of  the Divine Supreme

Connecting one to another. Sister to brother

The universe moves, vibrates and travels. An orbiting…

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