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If You Only Had the Courage Dr. Kaku

April 13, 2013

cowardly lionFrom a great read on String theory you can read here:

Cosmic strings are fundamental strings that have been blown up to cosmic scales during inflation. Being
very massive, they would reveal their presence via gravitational lensing and leave a spectacular signature.
“D-strings joining with fundamental strings at junctions could lead to a network of strings in the sky, which
would be incontrovertible evidence for string theory”, says Green. Such massive strings would also be a source
of gravitational waves, so it is possible that gravitational- wave detectors such as LIGO in the US could
pick them up. “It’s a long shot, but we should know the answer within 5–10 years,” says Polchinski.

sandy ice halos

Sky Before Hurricane Sandy

Stanton Yatesbury

Stantan Yatesbury Crop Circle

sky before sandy


Black Hole Gravitational Lensing

“It’s a long shot, but we should know the answer within 5–10 years,” says Polchinski

HOW ABOUT HERE, HOW ABOUT NOW?  And we can start saving lives immediately.


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