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Frankenstorm Revisited

April 16, 2013

The poor man does not have an explanation for what this is, but he has the sense to know something is not right and that it is related to the approaching storm. He thinks maybe HAARP and Chemtrails because neither Science nor the Government can give him an answer, which is really unfortunate.  I let NOAA and NASA know last fall. I made a post to Michio Kaku’s “Big Think” blog which just appears to be an advertisement for him and not a discussion of real phenomena.  I have let physicists know via email and most are uninterested or do not respond with the courtesy of a quick reply of “hey, cool idea” or “hey, go seek counseling”. Strange world we live in.

I’ll repeat a previous post so everyone knows:

From a great read on String theory you can read here:

Cosmic strings are fundamental strings that have been blown up to cosmic scales during inflation. Being
very massive, they would reveal their presence via gravitational lensing and leave a spectacular signature.
“D-strings joining with fundamental strings at junctions could lead to a network of strings in the sky, which
would be incontrovertible evidence for string theory”, says Green. Such massive strings would also be a source
of gravitational waves, so it is possible that gravitational- wave detectors such as LIGO in the US could
pick them up. “It’s a long shot, but we should know the answer within 5–10 years,” says Polchinski.

From Bekenstein-Hawking entropy – Scholarpedia

  • Black hole entropy counts the number of states or excitations of a fundamental string.

Strings in string theory have a variety of excitations, so there is a multitude of string states. Therefore, a string has entropy, which turns out to be proportional to its mass. This is quite in contrast with black hole entropy. However, an argument by Bowick, Smolin and Wijewardhana (1987) suggests that by adiabatically (i.e. sufficiently slowly) reducing the string coupling constant g , it is possible to shrink a black hole’s size as well as to reduce its mass (while keeping its entropy constant) until eventually it gets to be the size of the string length scale ls when the black hole should not be distinguishable from a string. At the corresponding value of g , string and black hole entropy are quite similar (see e.g. Zwiebach 2004). This has been taken to mean that there is a one-to-one correspondence between black hole and string states, where both entities have the same entropy (Susskind 1993). This picture has been corroborated in the context of five-dimensional extreme black holes (Strominger and Vafa 1996). Hence black hole entropy can be understood in terms of string entropy.

You decide for yourself what that is in the sky before the arrival of one of the most devastating storms ever to wreak havoc on this country.  I believe they are BLACK HOLES which have become strings.  Life cannot survive in areas of high dark energy/entropy/vacuum energy as you can see from the devastation.


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