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Just Open our Eyes to See the Forest Through theTrees

April 20, 2013

string_theoryIt amazes me that the
string theorists have put together such a tremendous amount of
research on something they had never actually seen before and have
done most of it through mathematics.  As I said before, my
mind works better through pictures and video and music, I try to
visualize the equations and build the world described by the
equations in my mind.  When the first images hit my mind about
micro black holes orbiting through and around the Earth I did not
at first see strings.  But it is apparent to me that these
black holes form these strings, which eventually coalesce and can
possibly break up into these rainbows before evaporating or heading
to the Earth’s core and coalescing with it. Through my
practical background in thermodynamics and vacuum condensing these
strings now seem very obvious to me as I look at the Earth from
above.  The energetic strings appear to remain over our heads
mostly, except where their branes are entering through the surface
of the Earth, sometimes for months it appears to me. Here is
another double rainbow with a lightning bolt shooting from dead
center in that dark band @ 17 seconds into the video. This energy
is not coming from our mostly inert, gaseous atmosphere.  I am
plowing through string theory papers trying to predict just how
massive the closed string in the dark band of that rainbow actually
is if you could actually weigh it.  I have read that a
“cosmic” string a mile long could weigh as much as the Earth. These
string guys sure are smart but don’t make it easy to find simple
equations us engineers can use to design devices to use these
strings in order to build the next galactic travel machine or maybe
use that Rainbow or one of his many string buddies to charge our
batteries and power civilization on Earth for the
next millennium…


The string within the dark band of
that rainbow is creating the electromagnetic charge we know as
lightning, condensing water vapor through vacuum condensing,
shifting visible light creating the rainbow colors, creating the
wind you see through vacuum and the low pressure created and most
likely triggering low energy nuclear reactions at its surface.
And he is doing all of that across a surface area the size of
a proton, give or take.

From a paper on
This class of linear defects is a
generic prediction in quantum field theory and grand unified
theories (GUTs) as well as in string and M-theories. The
predicted cosmic strings are extremely thin but very massive
objects, characterized by a huge energy and interactions
essentially of gravitational nature, whose intensity is measured by
the dimensionless tension parameter G=c2.

…Cosmic (super)strings may have a number of
cosmological effects. The most in teresting observational
signatures stem from their gravitational interactions.
While specic signatures are expected in models where strings
couple to other forces, gravitational eects are common to all
cosmic (super)strings and are controlled by the dimensionless
tension parameter. A special class of gravitational
effects originates from the string peculiar way to deform the
spacetime around it. The spacetime around a cosmic string is
conical, namely, it is at everywhere except for a missing
wedge where points on the opposite edges are identied.Thus,
space time looks like a cone with a singularity located at the
apex of the cone. Any circular path at constant distance from
the apex around the string is less than a circumference by the
decit angle = 8G=c2. This geometry leads to observable effects,
such as the Kaiser-Stebbins eect (KS) [14] and gravitational
lensing. The former appears as line discontinuities in the CMB
temperature caused by a 
segment of cosmic
string moving between the observer and the cosmological photosphere
as photons passing by the string move perpendicularly to the plane
that contains the string segment. Photons from
the last scattering surface streaming by either side of the
string will be observed with a redshift or blueshift (ahead
of or behind the moving string respectively) proportional to
the string tension
string velocity transverse to the line of sight
Gravitational lensing by a long cosmic string occurs as light
from a distant source beyond the string may reach the observer
by two dierent paths around either side of the string thus
producing a double image of the source with angular separation
proportional to the conical decit angle 8G=c2.

a Blog
One of the longest
outstanding mysteries in physics is how gravity is related to the
other fundamental forces, such as electromagnetism
One theory, first proposed in 1919, showed that if an extra
dimension is added to the universe, gravity still exists in the
first four dimensions (three space dimensions and time), but the
way this four dimensional space curves over the extra fifth
dimension, naturally produces the other fundamental forces.
However, we cannot see or detect this fifth dimension, so it was
proposed that the extra dimension was curled up, and hence became
invisible to us. This theory was what ultimately led to string
theory, and is still included at the heart of most string theory
Since this extra dimension is so
small, only tiny objects, such as particles, can move along it. In
these cases, they ultimately just end up where they started, since
the extra dimension is curled up on itself. However, one object
that becomes much more complex in five dimensions is a black hole.
When extended to five dimensions, it becomes a “black
” and unlike a normal 4D black hole, it is
unstable (this ignores the fact that 4D black holes eventually
evaporate). This black string will destabilize into a whole string
of black holes, connected by further black strings, until the black
strings are pinched off entirely and leave the set of black holes.
These multiple 4D black holes then combine into one larger black
hole. The most interesting thing about this is that, using current
models, the final black hole is a “naked” singularity. That is, it
has no event horizon surrounding it. This violates the Cosmic
Censorship Hypothesis, which says that all singularities must be
surrounded by an event horizon, in order to avoid the time-travel
effects that are believed to happen near a singularity from
changing the history of the entire universe, as they can never
escape from behind an event horizon.
Those string
theorist do not know me nor I them, but our minds have met in a
spiraling energetic sea of quantum energy. Godspeed.

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