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Dark Energy, Global Warming, Rock, Paper, Scissors, Humans

April 23, 2013

katrinaYou all have played the game rock, paper, scissors, right? Well, that’s the way I see our relationship with this dark/vacuum energy. If you look at the global temperature charts, you will see that prior to major ice ages, temperatures were rising on Earth, CO2 & greenhouse gas levels rising with it. Plants and biological life generally flourished under those conditions. Sure CO2 levels were high, but that tends to support increased plant life and such. I do believe that human induced warming is real and we are adding to the acceleration due to our addition of greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere. In today’s world, humans are going to have to sell our beach front property, for a loss if the severe weather and flooding does not take it out first, but we’ll just have to find new digs inland, such is life. In my model, the reason the storms are more intense today is that there is more energy in the atmosphere to condense along those cold fronts and low pressure systems created by these strings. It’s that extra heat of vaporization (~ 1000 BTUs/lb of water vapor) that is adding the extra punch to these storms.  Dark Energy can CONDENSE ANYTHING, no matter what the temperature of the atmospheric gas is.  That is why you also see cirrus clouds on other, much colder planets.

What is more alarming is what has plunged the Earth relatively quickly into these ice ages with eight to ten degree Celsius temperature drops. It is during these times that biological and plant life has dwindled. This will be the true test of humans, will we actually be able to survive such a “sudden” drop in temperature and the resulting food shortages and such? It appears from the global record this cooling can last for a very long time.

So I have two graphs below, the first is from Wikipedia showing global temperatures, CO2 levels and atmospheric dust concentration.


The second graph is mine which shows greenhouse gas concentration, dark/vacuum energy concentration and global temperature (Delta Temperature Change -Degrees C is the scale on the left, % is on the right – not shown) . In my model, it is a sudden increase in vacuum energy concentration (I am showing it negative since a vacuum is negative pressure, just for visual) which causes the temperatures to plunge suddenly in the atmosphere. We know the atmosphere can do this because even today, as global temperatures rise, we still have severe cold fronts and cold “snaps” on Earth.

Global Temp Graph

Theoretical Graph of Atmospheric Greenhouse Gasses, Dark/Vacuum Energy and Global Temperature

This dark energy will also kick up one hell of a lot of dust as those massive hurricanes and tornadoes ravage the Earth, condensing everything in the atmosphere they approach. Greenhouse gas levels will then begin to drop because everything on Earth is DYING from the cold, including plant and biological life. Dark/vacuum energy is like the universal ground, it takes everything back to the lowest energy state of our part of the universe, which is the vacuum. We just live in the 5% that we call our universe, because we feel special, and we are. We should be thankful that we have been given the 5%.

I put humans last on the rock paper scissors list because in one scenario, dark energy will conquer all, including global warming and take humans back to the vacuum from whence they came after a large dose of dark/vacuum energy from the sun or a major comet disturbance strikes. Jupiter, the gas giant, actually COOLED down shortly after being struck by Shoemaker Levy-9. This was due to all of the condensing of those gasses, based upon my theory.  In my scenario number two, humans use their brains and figure out how to either tame this dark energy animal, which will be difficult, or take advantage of the properties of this 95% dark energy streaming through the universe and our planet and utilize it to propel us into the next millennium.

It is really up to us, but the clock is ticking, we are being warned and I really don’t want to speculate how much time we have.


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