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What Does it Feel Like

April 25, 2013

4-19-13 WeatherI was sitting in my car again last week stuck in traffic in Atlanta getting dumped on by torrential rains as those strings swung over my head again and I pulled out my handy $0.99 Sensorscope App on my IPhone I keep clipped to my pocket protector… to see if I could pick up any magnetic field changes like last time, don’t you do that??  As I moved along at 2 miles per hour over the course of 10 minutes I got approx. 5 or so different readings where within a second or two the x, y & z magnetic field acceleration swung rapidly and then went back to flat. There was no thunder or lightning, just heavy rain.
I realize this could be many things but of course in my mind I am envisioning micro black hole strings are swinging out and whacking me in the head with a few million tons of strings the width of a proton. But I really did not feel a thing.  The last posting I swear one of my abdominal muscles twitched at the same time the magnetic field swung but I am questioning all thoughts I have these days so don’t believe me, try out the app for yourself.

When I got home I dumped a Google Earth weather screen shot to go along with the readings.  I have collected data on clear days and so far I do not get these quick, wild swings in the magnetic fields.  Hell, if you look at the Doppler Radar these fronts even look like strings, at least to me. Just thought I would share…
4-19-13 RainstormGodspeed

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