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The Wheels in The Sky Keep on Turning

April 26, 2013

Patrick-Cobb2All, I am really doing the best I can do to understand these strings and my theory.  I happened upon this theory initially by having a good understanding of vacuum condensing because I have designed large surface condensers for customers in industry and along with my interests in quantum mechanics, string theory and black holes a light bulb went off in my head. My theory is now sticking to my shoe like a wad of bubble gum. These strings do not have much surface area but they do appear to pull one hell of a vacuum in our gaseous atmosphere and trigger a lot of condensing throughout the year no matter what the temperature. I am sure those of you reading this that study strings and such for a career laugh at some of my very basic understanding of what I believe we are seeing, but that is OK, as one matures in life, what others think matters less.

As I have said before, it appears we see these extreme double rainbows during and after severe weather.  As far as I can tell, those “rainbows” are either the original strings that triggered the low pressure disturbance that have increased in mass and tension or they actually broke off from those original strings overhead and have formed this closed string and are going through some type of gravitational evaporation.

As you look at this time elapse rainbow look for a few things:

1) Before you hit play if you look at the colors they appear to be forming a harmonic wave pattern along the arc. These particle strings act as waves.

2) The radial bands of light appear to be radiating from these harmonic waves

3) There appears to be some clouds being formed right at the surface of the colored band, this is what I believe is the vacuum condensing/cooling.  If you follow those clouds they evaporate and disappear again as they move away from the cooler surface of the rainbow.

4) The radial bands appear to be radiating to the center of a light cone of that string.

5) Conventional physics says this is all just optics from a double bounce of light in water droplets.  I believe these strings are condensing water vapor and forming water droplets and doing a whole lot more that we have missed.  I do not see clouds above so I don’t believe they are triggering these rays of concentrated radial light.

It’s Friday and it all reminds me of another song…


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