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Caught in the Quantum Crossfire?

May 4, 2013
5-4-13 Sunspots

5-4-13 Sunspots

So I have been researching solar sunspot cycles a bit, in between helping my 10 year-old around the house after breaking his ankle on a trampoline last weekend. Gravity, although believed to be a “weak force” sure can do damage to us mortal humans at short distances…  Anyway I found a great paper linking the sunspot cycles (solar max) to spring tidal periods of the planetary motion of Jupiter and Saturn. Now if my vision were to be correct and we are not just a bunch of rocks and fireballs orbiting through the empty vacuum of space and in fact we are actually an entropically wired bunch of branes connected by these quantum umbilical cords of dark/vacuum energy made up of quantum strings and particles which supply all of the necessary unified physical interactions required to sustain the brane nodes on this matrix, including gravity, then as planets align during tidal periods there should be an increase in this “quantum” flow.  This additional flux would most likely increase the number of sunspots since I believe that these spots are actually where many of these branes are connected and streaming “quanta” from the Sun during flares and magnetic disconnections and reconnections. Luckily, I think , much of the high energy particles are most likely deflected around us Earthlings by Earth’s quantum magnetic fields, or since it is actually collapsed matter those “energetic” particles are still about the same size as a proton, they just have MORE energy and pass right through the Earth on their way to Jupiter or Saturn.

Below is a summary of the findings of this paper and a link here to the paper, which I thought was excellent

The Schwabe frequency band of the Zurich sunspot record since 1749 is found to be made of three
major cycles with periods of about 9.98, 10.9 and 11.86 years. The side frequencies appear to be closely
related to the spring tidal period of Jupiter and Saturn(range between 9.5 and 10.5 years, and median
9.93 years) and to the tidal sidereal period of Jupiter(about 11.86 years).The central cycle may be
associated to a quasi-11-year solar dynamo cycle that appears to be approximately synchronized to the
average of the two planetary frequencies.

They go on to talk about how the cycles also appear to be linked to temperature fluctuations on Earth, which would make sense in my model.  One thing I am not sure of from my model is the long term effects of my theory.  It appears that these closed strings of dark energy do a good job cooling the atmosphere in the short term in the local area of the strings from all of the condensing they are doing in the atmosphere.  However, these strings appear to evaporate or coalesce without long term atmospheric consequences. It appears to be only when we get pelted with a large dose from a comet or massive solar flare that they might have long term cooling effects.

Once again, I think our climate models will need to take into account this quantum flux of dark/vacuum energy, which I believe varies widely on Earth and is also based upon what is happening on our Sun and within the solar system. As I have said before, it is this quantum field, which includes “gravity” which, although it sustains us is also probably limiting our lives to a certain extent.  I think a future generation will learn how to venture into the universe and learn how to shield from this varying quantum flux we are all subject to and fight quantum fire with quantum fire so to speak.


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