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May 24, 2013

Comet Holmes (left) as BIG AS THE SUN from the 3.6-meter Canada-France-Hawaii telescope on Mauna Kea showing the coma at 869,900 miles (1.4 million kilometers) in diameter. The white ”star” near the center of the coma is in fact the dust-shrouded nucleus of the comet.The sun and the planet Saturn are shown at the same scale for comparison.
CREDIT: University of Hawaii/CFHT (comet); NASA/Voyager (Saturn); NASA/ESA/SOHO (sun)

As engineers, we have to be careful with our calculations. If our numbers are off a building can collapse, equipment may get undersized or the wire might overheat and melt and cause a fire. I have to admit though, I feel a bit jealous of some of the other professions because they seem to be allowed to develop models where I just cannot see how the math works out and yet they pat each other on the back, and go get a job or TV interview expousing those beliefs. It is sorta like believing I can have an extension cord a half mile long to power my Michio Kaku Crop Circle Wand while I microwave barley in my spare time at night without melting the cord. I am a pretty simple guy and I like to boil the math down to simple numbers and concepts everyone can understand. Let’s talk about yield. Here is the Wikipedia definition:

The explosive yield of a nuclear weapon is the amount of energy discharged when a nuclear weapon is detonated, expressed usually in TNT equivalent (the standardized equivalent mass oftrinitrotoluene which, if detonated, would produce the same energy discharge), either in kilotons (kt; thousands of tons of TNT) or megatons (Mt; millions of tons of TNT), but sometimes also in terajoules (1 kiloton of TNT = 4.184 TJ). Because the precise amount of energy released by TNT is and was subject to measurement uncertainties, especially at the dawn of the nuclear age, the accepted convention is that one kt of TNT is simply defined to be 1012 calories equivalent, this being very roughly equal to the energy yield of 1,000 tons of TNT.

So let’s take a look at some of the yields currently seen and you decide how they fit with Science’s currently excepted view of our world and you decide for yourself:

Air + Water Vapor = 9.6 Megatons (600 Hiroshima Bombs) from the latest Oklahoma tornado mentioned by scientists here

Snowball +  Empty Space >= 1 Megaton (Greater than Million times Nuclear Brightness Magnitude Increase) from Comet Holmes mentioned by Scientists here and researched to be from “exotic ice” here (that research must have been dreamt up while smoking something exotic)

Rock/Metal + Air = 30 Megatons (Tunguska), unfortunately they can’t find the pieces, just a lake and some sinkholes

Rock/Metal + Air =480 Kilotons (Chelyabinsk), Unfortunately they are mostly left with a large hole in the ice and some itty bitty pieces.

Air + Water Vapor = 95.6 Megatons (Annual Total of lightning striking Earth) from here, you can check my conversion here

Air + Water Vapor = 12428 MEGATONS (Energy Released DAILY FROM A HURRICANE).  You can find it here

Rock + Rock = 2390 Megatons (Annual Energy from Earthquakes – 23 ergs). You can find it here.

Anyway, do you suppose that maybe some of that 95% energy in the universe we can’t find might be right here in our backyard and we might HAVE MISSED IT?????  or is it only OUT THERE AND WE HAVE OUR OWN SPECIAL MATH AND EXOTIC STUFF RESERVED JUST FOR HUMANS AND OUR STORYBOOK LIVES BECAUSE WE ARE SO SPECIAL AND RIDE AROUND IN OUR FANCY CARS LOOKING COOL PRETENDING NOTHING BAD HAPPENS?

Just thought I would ask.


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