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The Vacuum String IS THE THING

June 5, 2013

In this handout provided by NASA from it’s MODIS satellite, a storm system that generated a EF4 tornado is captured on May 20, 2013 over Moore, Okla. (NASA via Getty Images).  NASA also published a video @ As you watch the video take a look at the extreme condensing of water vapor along a very straight line and imagine those strings twisting and kinking up.


These strings can break apart and also interact, triggering air-air and air-ground lightning. They are electromagnetic, thermodynamic, gravitational and low energy nuclear. They make up our quantum gravity field and you recognize them as our weather.

As these strings interact, get kinked and break off creating new, smaller closed strings, we see the local optical effects of a double rainbow.  I’m not sure if it can be done due to the enormous amounts of vacuum energy involved, but if we can break the strings, we break the storms back.   These strings are created from our quantum gravity field decaying as it reaches Earth from the Sun.  Upset the field through solar flares, CMEs and other massive orbiting branes and you upset Earth’s weather, among other things.


Einstein’s stringy hair was his clue to us…

That’s my take on it.


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