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All You Really Need to Think About

June 24, 2013
  • The Earth Is that big red ball (I could not change it to a big blue dot…)
  • The energetic particle string is that orbital path through and around the Earth
  • This one might be travelling 1700 miles/sec (CMEs travel up to 2000 miles/sec)
  • I thought those particles, given enough dark/vacuum energy might trigger low pressure systems such as hurricanes, electromagnetic disturbances such as lightning, earthquakes, sinkholes, volcanoes, tornadoes, waterspouts, variety and uncertainty in our world
  • They decay over time into subatomic particles
  • They make up our quantum gravity field
  • They come in all energy levels and interact in multi-body orbits and break up according to string interactions
  • Our bodies are designed to live in a low vacuum environment, replacing cells and repairing daily damage, high concentrations of vacuum energy will kill us, like being sucked into a tornado.
  • These particles created us, sustain us, connect us, are killing us and they just might save us.
  • This energy is part of the other 95% dark energy of the Universe and makes up our quantum field


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