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Something is Fishy

July 15, 2013

You know, if it were just sinkholes, it would be easy to believe just a connection with the “weather” because many times they show up during a heavy rain, although if you check in Florida, many also open up in relatively dry/normal weather and, like Bayou Corne, LA, some open up after seismic activity. Also, many times it is WATER MAINS breaking underground AND NOT STORM SEWER DRAINS. So ask yourself what is causing a pressurized water main to break that is buried relatively securely beneath the ground?  I have civil engineers working for me and I know they are proud of burying stuff, sort of like my beagle burying her bone.

As soon as I started plotting fish kills I started seeing them in similar areas to many sinkholes, which I realize at first it is very hard to believe there is a connection there.  Of course people will excuse that and say that the rain is washing something like fertilizer or cow dung into the waterways, etc. and killing the fish.  Throw in some dead pelicans and manatees in Florida and some red tide all in the same area and 10 or so waterspouts and I really don’t know what to say other than that there is lots of bad stuff happening in those areas.  I realize some of those doppler signals are stronger near locations of the transmitter/receiver and may pick up false echo signals like June bugs mating in the air.  A fish kill was just reported today in Indiana and blamed on cow manure, which, who knows, might be correct.  Although when I zoom on in in Google Earth I get more anomalous Doppler activity with pretty much clear skies overhead (I checked, see below)

7-15-13 Fish Kill

7-15-13 Kosciusko, IN Fish Kill Doppler Reflectivity


Kosciusko, IN


7-15-13 Tampa Brevard Fish Kill

7-15-13 Tampa & Brevard, FL Areas Doppler Reflectivity

brevard flSo, I really don’t know what to believe anymore.  Before I started this blog I really thought the Earth was made of earth stuff and I thought clouds were just condensed water and ice that could shoot out millions of volts of electricity by themselves because that is what I was taught.   But if I really think about it, water weighs 62 lbs/ft3 and air around 0.08 lb/ft3.  In other words, water weighs 780 times more than air, but for some reason those clouds are floating and are very white. A meteorologist publishing in Scientific American will tell you cloud water droplets are “too small to feel the effects of gravity”? IS THAT A TRUE STATEMENT?


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  1. !!! Excellent points! Thanks for continuing to ponder with an open mind.

  2. Nichole permalink

    Your mind is a beautiful mess. I love the curiosity!

  3. Thanks!, I think…

  4. That area of Indiana has been repeatedly been assailed for over 6 months now. There have to be differing rates of orbital decay, to accommodate extended weather events over a time frame longer than 3-6 months.

    • Sue,

      As I watch this stuff, it appears that once an area gets “infected” by these orbital strings of dark matter, I think they attract more particles/strings over a period of time and yes that areas seems to stay “active” and influencing weather patterns for months, possibly years. I believe all of that lightning and thunder overhead is just magnetic reconnection/interactions of those strings as they decay. Good observation.
      Thanks for following

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