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Lose the Lithium?

July 17, 2013

Emergency services attend to a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, operated by Ethiopian Airlines, after it caught fire at Britain's Heathrow airportAll, my first job out of college was with a company in Silicon Valley, CA named Measurex (a sensor/measurement company) that was later purchased by Honeywell.  I know sensors.  I co-op’d in a research lab in college and I calibrated beta gauges and optical sensors and other devices for data collection during research trials.

So what?  Well the latest fire on the new Boeing Dreamliner may have been ANOTHER LITHIUM BATTERY, albeit another type of lithium battery, Lithium Manganese, which powers the Honeywell Emergency Beacon on the plane.

From Reuters

“…Honeywell said at that point only that it had joined the investigation into the fire, declining to discuss details beyond saying it had no previous experience of difficulties with this type of transmitter. The company’s British spokesman was not immediately available for comment. The ELT, which is positioned in the upper rear part of the new airline, sends a signal that leads rescuers to downed aircraft. It is powered by a non-rechargeable lithium-manganese battery. The AAIB, which is leading the probe into the fire, said on Saturday it found no evidence the fire was caused by the lithium-ion batteries that were implicated in the 787’s grounding earlier this year…”

So why is the Dreamliner being claimed by UNCERTAINTY?  Well, there is something special about the Dreamliner, it was designed to fly 7 to 10,000 feet higher, in thinner air and much closer to the Jet Streams.  Which, according to my research and theory just so happen to contain a much higher concentration of those energetic particles and strings I talked about, all decaying and generating lots of other particles.  And Lithium LOVES ENERGY (that is why they make batteries from it).

As I mentioned in my previous article on the Dreamliner, much of the expected Lithium in the universe is MISSING. Some theories point to dark matter as the culprit decaying the Lithium

“AN UNDERDOG dark-matter particle could explain why the universe seems strangely low on lithium. If the idea holds up, it will be a boon in the hunt for dark matter, the stuff needed to account for 80 per cent of the universe’s matter.”

So Boeing, if you want to increase the CERTAINTY for your passengers and stockholders I recommend you ditch the Lithium batteries or bring that Dreamliner down to a much lower cruising altitude (and continue to dodge jet streams…)

Just my take on it.


  1. tweet LaVerdiere permalink

    “Dreamliner”, I’d rather be in a “Bayliner”!

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