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July 18, 2013

I have been trying to make at least one technical post a day to this blog and mix in a little music and bad humor.  I find that blend keeps it interesting for me and hopefully for some of you.  I can’t really say why I even created this blog other than to say that it has been a creative outlet for me.  I deal with people and problems all day long so this blog is my own quiet place I go to put down my thoughts about dark energy and dark matter. I realize NASA considers them different but I think they are actually the same animal, with and without a coat of baryonic matter surrounding them. If you had asked me about either a couple of years ago, I could not have told you much. I sense that we really have missed the boat, believing that all of that energy that happens above our heads in the atmosphere could come from air and water vapor. I have worked with both for 27 years designing industrial heat exchangers, vacuum evaporators and vacuum condensers and never once have I seen millions of volts of electricity jump out of thin air.  I know how hard it is to pull a vacuum in a container, I can hardly imagine how much vacuum energy/HP it took hurricane Sandy to drop the local atmosphere to 940 mB of pressure, while at the same time condensing all of that water vapor, which normally would RELEASE HEAT and fight to raise the local pressure.  In the end, I just want to know why.

I want to know why those Doppler Radar echos have stayed consistently over those areas in Florida where the manatees, dolphins and pelicans have died, along with sinkholes and waterspouts forming over a period of months.

7-18-13 Florida

I want to know why the area over around Moore, OK has consistently had earthquakes, sinkholes, tornadoes and fish kills along with constant Doppler radar echos.

7-18-13 MooreThat’s all, I would just like to know why.

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  1. talesfromthelou permalink

    Good questions

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