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Just sharing some thoughts

July 21, 2013

One of the things my mind tends to do is hyperfocus on one thing.  In a world with many demands, this is not always a good thing, and yet it allows me to go up one side of a problem and down the other, trying to logically rationalize what I think I am seeing and how it fits with my research and this image I have built up in my mind.  I came up with this theory that these weakly interacting particles of all different energies/masses were orbiting through and around the Earth after reading a lot of papers and trying to build a mental 3-D model in my mind. Since their surface is unstable and decaying, they must gradually ionize anything they contact, such as the unfortunate random molecule or atom they happen to strike.  I envisioned they create these strings in the atmosphere as they might collapse additional matter around their surface as they pass through our atmosphere and Earth. Some may enter as strings already.  String theory really gave me the tools to try and explain what I was envisioning, although I am still very much a novice at it. I am sensing what I believe is our quantum field which is really that subatomic layer of particles in our atmosphere we engineers consider entropy.  This dark energy appears to start out at extremely high energies at the Sun, our solar brane, and then decay along its way to Earth, probably ending up as gravitons or neutrinos passing through us to the core brane of the Earth.  Most of this stuff appears to “pull a vacuum” to me while it is also decaying in our atmosphere.  It appears to be doing something like sucking entropy in and decaying H+ out.  This may be how it achieves quasi “equilibrium” in its gaseous surroundings where it is entering the Earth and it effects the local humidity and such.

If humans knew ahead of time that 95% of their surroundings were comprised of this “dark/vacuum energy” then when we looked around wouldn’t we look at the high energy events on Earth and say “Hey, that might be caused by dark energy”.  That is really all I have done.  As I researched I discovered that humans still did not know what caused lightning, which was actually sort of shocking (pun intended) to me.  Thermodynamic weather models can’t explain it.  The really strange thing my theory is telling me is that certain areas of the Earth are decaying faster than others based upon the concentration of this vacuum energy.  I now believe it is this decay that leads to human’s aging.  In other words we are all aging at different rates and a big factor may be the concentration of this “vacuum particle stuff” in your local area, which appears to remain high for months at a time.  If an increase in vacuum energy due to comets in 1347 helped trigger the Black Death, along with the pestilence that followed, then, in a way those people got “old” really fast due to a large increase in local vacuum and the resulting ionization, severe weather and such.  I think time is man-made and we need to really focus on how to minimize our decay and the rest will take care of itself.

I think there is always a low level concentration which makes up the gravitational force we sense. I think Doppler is showing us persistent areas of higher concentrations of this stuff stringing into the Earth, ionizing her and creating weak spots through decay.  These strings should conduct electrical currents, which may be helping to trigger the deaths in some of those manatees if it is stringing into the water, I am not sure.  If it is stringing overhead, then doesn’t it make sense that it might pass through a carbon fiber composite shell of a plane and trigger electromagnetic disturbances inside?  Isn’t that logical? Isn’t it logical that a metal frame might conduct the electrical charge created from these strings around its surface, protecting passengers from all but the higher energy strings?  That would explain why Lithium batteries don’t catch fire on most planes, because they are protected from the dark lightning/dark energy by the metal shell of the plane, just like the metal shell of your car.

I have a sense that the tremendous amount of rain, thunder and lighting overhead is actually electromagnetic interactions and reconnections and the breaking up of many of those strings, possibly lessening the energy of some and combining the energies of others, which might explain how hurricanes can change strength and direction quickly. I sense that in Moore, Oklahoma and the later Oklahoma tornadoes, these strings actually broke up overhead and dropped closer to the ground, causing an extremely large sudden increase in local vacuum (low pressure) which caught some of those storm chasers by surprise.

These are just my thoughts I wanted to share.


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