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Just Add Water

July 24, 2013
dubai plane crash

Smoke rising from the site of a cargo plane crash in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on September 3, 2010. UPS cargo plane with two crew members on board crashed shortly after takeoff outside Dubai. (AP)

I mentioned on this blog way back when that my mother was an ex-Marine and proud of it.  She was very outspoken and a little sarcastic at times but she knew how to get her point across.  Anyway, I have my mind vapor locked on this Lithium issue so I have been Googling and reading and thinking and I have come to the conclusion that the Wicked Witch of The West was powered by Lithium.  It took a lot of deep thought to arrive at that conclusion but I will clue you in.

I read today the following:

Crash investigators in the United Arab Emirates traced the fire that destroyed a UPS plane in 2010 to the cargo of lithium batteries, and found that smoke-detection equipment took too long to alert the crew, according to a report released Wednesday.

And I found out the other hybrid car maker whose cars caught fire in New Jersey during Hurricane Sandy

“According to a new report, three Toyota Prius models parked at the same location [as the Fisker Karmas] also burned in the storm’s aftermath. Both the standard Prius hybrid and Prius plug-in hybrid models caught fire after being submerged in saltwater as a result of the storm.”

And as I said yesterday, Fisker blames their fires not on the batteries but on a short circuit from the controller.  What did you expect. That is sort of like asking a geologist if the Earth’s core is made of molten rock or metal, you already know the answer.

Boeing is assuming the latest Lithium mishap was either water (condensation) or a “pinched wire?” inside a Honeywell Beacon.  And, what the hell, we’ll just take out the emergency beacon. Boeing never really found the cause of the initial Lithium Ion battery smoke and fires as reported below:

“Investigators in the United States and Japan have still not been able to identify precisely what caused the batteries to overheat, and, in one case, ignite. Boeing’s fixes include better insulation for the batteries’ eight cells, and a stainless steel box designed to encase the batteries and contain fire and vent possible smoke or hazardous gases out of the planes.”

So I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel any better about the known cause of those Lithium battery fires except that Lithium does appear eager to leave this universe, which we already knew.  So let’s just go with water as the cause because my theory is too far fetched.  Which is what led me to believe the Wicked Witch of the West must be powered by Lithium Batteries.


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