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Cosmic Cyclosporic Contraction? – Say 5 times fast

July 25, 2013

220px-Cyclospora_cayetanensis_stainedI started to feel a bit confident after tracking red tide and fish kills for a couple of months now with positive correlations to Doppler Reflectivity (at least in my mind) so I decided to delve into epidemiology, which I can hardly spell.  While tracking red tide I have plotted a few swimming illnesses in Massachusetts lakes in the past week so I decided to check the CDC for current epidemics and I came across the recent outbreak of Cyclospora, which is a bad news stomach bug.  It is making the headlines now

CDC: Mystery stomach bug cases rise to 275

The number of people in nine states, including Georgia, affected by a new mystery stomach bug has grown from 250 to 275, according to Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC said it has been notified of 275 cases of Cyclospora infection in Georgia, Connecticut, Iowa, Nebraska, Texas and Wisconsin and New Jersey, which was just added to the list. Illinois and Kansas have also reported one case each that may have been acquired out of state, but in the United States, the CDC said.

Now what jumps out at me is that many of the 275 cases appear to line up with areas of high Doppler Reflectivity, just like red tide outbreaks did.  In my mind, these particles, assuming they exist, ionize their surroundings, gradually knocking apart molecules and atoms and rearranging things over time so it is no surprise to me that new bugs pop up, part of the bioforming I was telling you this stuff is doing to us all the time.  That line of Doppler reflectivity, which includes Moore, OK has been persistent for a couple of months now.  Here are some pictures.

7-25-13 Cyclospora Texas 7-25-13 Cyclospora Iowa

As much as I love “Mother Earth” and our “Sun”, based upon my research and theory I believe Darth Vader may have had the right idea when building the Death Star and I am sure we can come up with a better name for ours.



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