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Aloha Flossie

July 28, 2013

Weather Symbols in the Barley Field

I thought I would post a few plots of Tropical Storm Flossie with some of my thoughts.  In my model, a hurricane is really just multiple dark/vacuum strings (think multiple waterspouts), albeit some of larger/massive vacuum energy levels, all entangled in this multi body orbit through and around the Earth and within the Jet Streams.  I have not really been tracking Flossie, but I did record a rather large sinkhole in Honolulu in June, which is in my database you can download off the menu, which to me is just an indication of accelerated decay in one area of the Earth, which may indicate a higher concentration of vacuum energy in that area.  This vacuum, as it decays over weeks/months, attracts other low pressure systems into the area through gravitational, thermodynamic, electromagnetic and LENR interactions.  I really do not have enough data to model the actual path of Flossie, but I believe it is pulled around (steered) by all of the vacuum strings in the area and the most energetic /highest concentrations win in any given area and pull the low pressure disturbance where the strings are leaving the Earth in that direction.  I notice that there is a lot of precipitation and wind across Honolulu/Southern Oahu and that is where I think Flossie will head as that is where I believe there is a higher concentration of vacuum energy right now streaming into the area.  I see circulation to the North of Hawaii which loops around from the West and that is where I believe the strings are looping around and into the Oahu area.  I also placed a Wunderground Wind/Weather Map showing weather symbols that show wind strength and wind direction and you will see that winds are lining up around Honolulu, so I think that area will pull Flossie towards it.  It just so happens that these weather symbols made it into many crop circles and even the Led Zepplin Album cover in the ’70’s.  Once again, I think our quantum field was trying to give us hints in the barley field.  Our primary weather patterns are QUANTUM and VERY ENERGETIC.  Our planet needs this vacuum field to bring the rains and weather to areas of the Earth, but in high concentrations it kills us, which we already knew indirectly, through floods and hurricanes and such, but I think that it happens in more ways than one and decays us all over time.

7-28-13 Hawaii Wind Weather b7-28-13 Hawaii Wind Weather e7-28-13 Hawaii Wind Weather d7-28-13 Hawaii Wind Weather a.png7-28-13 Hawaii Wind Weather

I will end by saying that I know nothing about weather forecasting and have no clue who/what is making those crop circles so treat everything I say as suspect. Although wouldn’t it be much more exciting to live atop a Brane with something trying to communicate with us in the fields in a very benign way instead of just residing on a boring old hunk of rock floating in space?


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  1. Being a huge follower of Wunderground, I have often wondered when reading their articles and participating in the forum, whether or not your theories have been broached to the folks there, including Dr Masters. I’ve alluded to it once or twice in passing, mostly by noting that CME’s generally ramp up the weather, something I think everyone already agrees on. It is just a short step to your more in depth ideas.

  2. Sue, I posted a couple of messages on Wunderground back when I was tracking Sandy and Rafael and can’t remember if I got a response. I just posted a tweet to their R&D guy, I’ll see if he responds. A local NOAA scientist emailed me and liked my connection with red tide/fish kills and Doppler. I think our primary weather is really just our decaying quantum gravity field and when the Sun is throwing more/bigger quantum particles at us during CME’s/Solar Max we just flood more often and decay faster…weird setup 🙂
    Thanks for following

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