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Taking a Blog Break

July 29, 2013

vacayI am taking a short blog break.  Although I cannot hand you the particles, I have tried to use my engineering farm boy logic to tell you where I think they are based upon a lot of reading and observation, that is all.  It will take others with lots of fancy equipment to see if I am right.  I decided not to take the family to Tampa until somebody can come on my blog or email me and tell me why that persistent Doppler reflectivity between Tampa and Brevard does not go away when the weather clears and why Manatees, Dolphins, Fish and Birds are dying, That covers Mammals, Fish and Reptiles and a wide gene pool. I think it is also above coincidence that area has had a high number of waterspouts, tornadoes and sinkholes, sort of like Lake Erie last summer before Hurricane Sandy approached the area shortly after. It all might be just one big coincidence, I can’t say for sure.  I have let plenty of professionals know my thoughts and they have been read in 190 countries. When you are tracking uncertainty you can never be certain.

7-29-13 Florida Doppler


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