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I scream, you scream we all scream at the JET STREAM?

August 4, 2013

ice1I know this is a strange blog, but if you really think about it, life itself is very strange.  We all blink in and blink out of here in a cosmic instant.  We can’t really bounce ideas off all the smart guys from the past, like Einstein and Tesla and Sagan and Feynman and such because they are already gone and they pretty much left us with everything they knew at the time and said take it, it’s yours.  There are some smart guys around today, most shun me (but I think some read my blog).

The atmosphere, which is supposed to be just air and water vapor, tends to throw all kinds of weird stuff at us.  Just when you think you have your back yard looking great a big storm rolls through and blows everything over.  I remember a few years ago yelling downstairs to my wife that a storm was coming and to go outside and put down the umbrella on the patio furniture.  Five minutes later I hear a huge explosion from downstairs and the umbrella had become a projectile/harpoon and launched 15 feet into the air and smashed through the big window in the back of the house. She never listens to me, so I don’t expect any of you to.

Anyway, I have mentioned these things before, but I just want to pound it in some more because I guess that is what I am here for, to annoy people of all walks of life and make it so annoying that they say, hey, maybe we ought to check out a waterspout for some dark/vacuum energy content.

Jet Streams Linked to Fires

Jet Streams Linked To Earthquakes/Radon

Jet Streams Linked to Ocean Biology

Jet Streams Linked To Saharan Dust/Red Tide

Jet Streams Linked to Hurricanes

Jet Streams and Tornadoes

Jet Streams and Extreme Turbulence

 Jet Streams and Gravity Waves

Jet Streams and Floods

Jet Streams and Sinkholes

So it appears to me that the jet streams, along with the rain, bring uncertainty, which we already knew, just not quite in the way I am telling you all.

I like the look of spreading my links around with different font sizes, it feels kind of quantum to me. Thanks for reading.


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