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Raging Cajuns

August 8, 2013

isaac_600-550x398So now you know what chemical engineers sit around and think about in their spare time right?  So it was about this time last year when I was sitting in Petal, Mississippi at a job site.  We were working on a project to drill a storage well approx. 1 mile underground in the salt dome to be used for mid-stream hydrocarbon storage off the Dixie Pipeline.  They made us park our vehicles facing the exit just in case one of those city block sized storage vessels a 1000 feet below were to collapse or even worse, explode and we needed to high tail out of there.  There was already a small lake on the property where a previous dome had collapsed. The local engineers were all talking about the current seismic activity and large sinkhole that had just opened up in Bayou Corne, LA, over another salt dome, which was approx 2 hours down the road.  I had recently been reading about the World Series Earthquake (Loma Prieta) centered near Santa Cruz, California in 1989 and the low frequency magnetic signatures that had shown up for weeks prior to the quake.  I already had it in my mind that possibly something with a magnetic signature WAS ORBITING into the Earth at the location of the magnetic disturbance and gradually decaying the Earth as its orbited decayed over weeks.  Because that was a weird thought it stuck in my mind like bubble gum on my shoe. If we can orbit black holes why can’t they orbit through us?

Hurrican Isaac 1Anyway, I decided to watch the events unfold at Bayou Corne.  I built this picture of this decaying orbit and I figured there might be some type of magnetic storm at that location in the future like they saw at the epicenter near Loma Prieta.  Low and behold a few weeks later Hurricane Isaac tracked directly to the sinkhole and stalled out.  That was weird I thought and there was definitely a lot of electromagnetic stuff happening when Hurricane Isaac arrived, just like when Hurricane Sandy arrived.  Now I want all of my readers to step back one moment and think about where all of that electromagnetic energy is coming from?  I have worked with air and water vapor for 27 years in industry and never have I been able to get it to do that by itself.

Hurrican Isaac 2So as I go back and look at the NASA GOES satellite of Hurricane Isaac I see the same gravity waves I showed you that came off Hurricane Sandy.  It just so happens these gravity waves are directly in line with the Bayou Corne Sinkhole whereas Hurricane Sandy’s gravity waves headed North, towards her FUTURE DESTINATION in New York.  I believe this is where those strings of dark energy that are leaving the eyewall of Isaac are entering into the Earth.  I have it in my mind there may be other strings entangled along the same path that may be entering the Earth further along the path and these low pressure disturbances move along the path of all of those tangled strings, which can cause the zig-zagging in a hurricane’s path.

I have posted a video below of the sky over Louisiana before Hurricane Isaac arrived.  I thought rainbows only appeared when the sun IS BEHIND YOU MR. PHYSICIST? Or have humans made up another sun doggy name just because we are special and “cosmic strings” and junctions cannot happen on our special planet designed just for us humans.  I have it in my mind the rings are from BLACK HOLE STRINGS (1-BRANES) that are creating and aligning the ice crystals which create the optical effect. I believe those clouds are a result of vacuum condensing and the gravity waves created around them due to the string oscillations, which is really just quantum decoherence and those strings possibly create more water vapor as they decay to protons that ionize oxygen in the atmosphere creating H2O.  I have placed below a video of the Sky before Isaac arrived.

And here is another video

Here is what the sinkhole looks like today

BC Sinkhole

And they ARE STILL getting seismic activity (quantum decoherence) as those strings are still oscillating below Earth and decaying that salt dome crystal by crystal, which is a couple of miles deep.  I also wonder if some of that bubbling natural gas (CH4) is the dark matter proton decay ionizing the carbon in the ground and CREATING the Methane (CH4).  Which is probably how Earth got all of its CH4 and hydrocarbons in the first place!  So in effect that salt dome “got old” really fast as the accelerated decay from those particle strings “quantumtized it” (That is a new word I just made up).

Guys, I don’t know how to say it any other way, this place is a BLACK HOLE PARTICLE STRING PARTY and WE ARE THE INVITED GUESTS.  I guess I know this due to the quantum decoherence in my brain initiated by a brane on the Matrix…


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