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The Devil Is In The Dust

August 14, 2013

Dust Devil On Mars

So my job with all of you is to explore the vacuum.  Not the boring low energy vacuum, but the high energy stuff we spend our lives dodging and talking about, like, “Hey honey, what’s the weather going to be like today, any black holes orbiting nearby…” More specifically those curled up particles and strings (branes) and such of vacuum energy that I believe our Sun Brane is spitting at everyone in the solar system just to keep life interesting and keep us close by in her orbit. These strings are orbiting through and around all of the planets. They create disturbances in the atmosphere and electrical currents within the planets and they decay over time. They are the missing 95% and we happen to have missed it but fortunately our quantum god is very patient and forgiving.

I figured while I am at it, I might as well continue to go against the results of most of mainstream geophysical science. See, I am not a scientist and I have no reputation as one to tarnish. But quite honestly I am bored and I think the string theory guys need just a little help to show everybody how smart they really are.

I can pretty much see a vacuum in a gas immediately which is why those clear weather waterspouts jumped out at me immediately.  Some of them are also giving off electromagnetic discharge (lightning). Meteorologists will tell you they are created from warm and cold air masses and friction.  I guess those millions of volts of electromagnetic discharge are also just from friction. I think most of them are just strings of dark/vacuum energy that have split off from overhead strings in the atmosphere as they decay in their surroundings.  That is why I believe NASA or somebody should look for electromagnetic discharge and radio waves, etc within the eye of those waterspouts as it is there that I believe you will find a string of dark vacuum energy.

So I decided to take a quick look at dust devils (I did this way back when).  It appears there has been a lot more research on them by NASA and such because Mars has some large ones (I guess not as much atmosphere on Mars for decoherence). So I ran across a good research paper on dust devils here on Earth. It appears that dust devils are electromagnetic and give off ultra low frequency radio waves. Now the reason stated for this is the rubbing together of all of those grains of sand.  I notice in this paper that again, just like waterspouts, the pressure is lower in the eye of a dust devil but the temperature is higher, which is very odd to me from a thermodynamic standpoint. It appears to me these little suckers are good at sucking entropy from a gas, not as good at sucking enthalpy and pretty bad at sucking ordinary matter, they suffer chronic indigestion.  If you think about it before they can collapse ordinary matter, they have to first ionize it, then condense it(atomically) and then collapse it.  That alone will create a tremendous amount of energy, creating that firewall at their surface.  And all along their surface is decaying and decohering with their surroundings

I found another good recent paper on Mars tests which showed that Mars dust devils are giving off microwave radiation also.

An innovative microwave radiometer detected the emission of non-thermal radiation by a Martian dust storm. Non-thermal radiation was detected only when a 35 km deep Martian dust storm was in the field of view of the radio telescope. The non-thermal radiation was emitted in minutes-long bursts during a period of about 3 hours. The kurtosis of the radiation contains significant spectral peaks at the fundamental frequency of the lowest three modes of the Martian Schumann Resonance and some of their harmonics. Our calculations suggests that changes in the charge moment of the order of that expected in a deep Martian dust storm can force Schumann Resonance with amplitudes that are orders of magnitude larger on Mars than on Earth. We show that if the amplitude of the Schumann Resonance is large enough to trigger new electric discharges, it can reproduce the observed kurtosis spectrum. The discovery
of evidence of electric activity in Martian dust storms has important implications for atmospheric chemistry, habitability, and preparations for human exploration

70_1dust_devil__palouse_1_2Now Mars’ atmosphere is primarily CO2 so the first thing you might ask yourself is what is the atmospheric disturbance that is causing CO2 to form dust devils on Mars.  Then, if you had read this article about Mercury, you will realize that tornadoes can form without much of any atmosphere and are electromagnetic to begin with.  Then, if you had read this article that it snows CO2 on Mars you might realize “snow” is not just a water vapor thing and vacuum energy can condense anything in the universe, even a “refrigerant” such as CO2.  You should then realize that this whole place is crawling with vacuum energy, which is electromagnetic, thermodynamic and low energy nuclear and quantum in nature.  Luckily, much of it is “compactified”, my new favorite word, and we just need to stay the hell out of the way, which appears to be very tricky.

It will be these dust devils that are transporting Saharan Dust from Africa to the United States in those Jet Streams.  As they cross into the Atlantic they will interact with each other and create vacuum disturbances over the ocean, bringing the rains with them.  These are the strings of life throughout the universe and part of our quantum field, just admire them from a distance, if you can see them


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