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Branebows and Branedevils?

August 17, 2013

I realize I am going against the grain here on this blog but somebody had to do it. Back in my 20’s I used to listen to Jim Rohn, a self-development, motivational speaker. He characterized success and failure this way: Failure is just a few errors in judgement repeated every day. Success is just a few simple disciplines repeated every day.

Now, I am either wrong and you can just laugh at me, or if my research and theory happens to be correct, our level of failure on this planet is really just due to “errors in judgement”.  Those errors go to a very basic misunderstanding: 95% of the energy surrounding us on Earth and within this universe is in a quantum state and the disturbances we see around us in the atmosphere are NOT just from a bunch of air and water vapor blowing around and evaporating and condensing on its own and forming beautiful low entropy patterns above our heads and around us and shredding towns and discharging billions of volts of electricity.  Those “convective clouds” are not creating the disturbances, they are created BY the disturbance.

Once you realize that and you realize that micro black holes(branes) can form strings in nature and can attach to and be expelled from other branes, you can look at that video above and realize that the rainbow and dust devil are actually created from quantum/vacuum disturbances. They do not last long in our atmosphere because they interact with the gaseous surroundings and decohere and decay into subatomic particles and disappear.

You will now also understand why on Mars, with very little gaseous atmosphere, these dust devils ARE MUCH LARGER AND LAST MUCH LONGER and that the picture below is actually the track marks OF BLACK HOLE STRINGS on Mars as they decay.  They are really just the decaying quantum gravity field of Mars, as on Earth.

This should now make you understand why this universe is not teeming with life as we know it, since any gravitational bodies will have these energetic strings decaying in their atmosphere, if they have one.


Dust Devil Trails on Mars – NASA

What do we do now?


  1. Nichole permalink

    I have an off topic – but related question. I have been studying the Mars Rover’s billion pixel view and cannot seem to find anywhere I can discuss the photo with others. There are some really fascinating things I would like to discuss with someone, do you know of any sites where people can comment or discuss these photos?

  2. Nichole,

    I visit the Vortex Newsgroup some @

    It is a mailing list so you can subscribe and it will come into your email.

    It is mostly a group of physicists and engineers with fairly open views on the way things work. One guy keeps seeing critters in the Martian Sand…

    Thanks for reading

    • Nichole permalink

      Thanks! Sounds right up my alley – and for the record I’m seeing fossils not rocks.. and things in the sky… good lord I think I’m losing it!

      • That is a sure sign you have been reading my blog for too long….
        Mars has CO2 snow & microwave twisters so you are bound to see something…
        Thanks for reading!

  3. Tweet LaVerdiere permalink

    always seems like it’s “cloudy with a chance of meatballs” to me! Enjoy all the blogging and feedback…………………….love, love, love!!

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