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Doesn’t it all Make Sense Now?

August 18, 2013


From → Biology, Geophysics

  1. James permalink

    Please give us your explanation.

    • James,

      If you read my research you will understand the jet streams are powered by energetic strings and particles (branes) of dark/vacuum energy expelled from the Sun in the solar wind and during flares, CMEs and coronal holes and they are orbiting through and around the Earth. They gradually ionize and decay any matter they pass through and can trigger sinkholes and seismic activity in the Earth as well as low pressure disturbances in the atmosphere. In high concentrations they are not good for biology. They makeup the most energetic part of our quantum field surrounding us.

      Thanks for reading

  2. James permalink

    Thank you for your explanation. It was helpful to read it in one paragraph.

    I feel compelled by spirit to send you this link. It is Dr.George Stankov’s first book on the new Universal Law he has postulated. I have appreciated his tremendous intellect and I hope you will find him interesting.

    As far as I know of there is no one like him in the scientific or philosophical community. Your ability and desire to push the boundaries of known science reminds me of George.

    Be well.


    • Thanks,

      I briefly skimmed. and will go back and read closer. I do believe we are connected by a matrix of quantum dark/vacuum energy, I’m not sure all of that fits into one neat equation, but it is beautiful.

  3. James permalink

    I hope perhaps you will be inspired by some of his works to further yours. He has had quite an influence on me with his writings on hyper dimensional physics in particular.

    • Thanks, I have been trying to apply M theory with my model, which implies 11 dimensions, which mostly appear to be curled up, but it would help if I could see them!

  4. James permalink

    If only we could see these things it would all be so much easier!

    Enjoying your blog. Real Intelligent work and fun reading.

  5. Thanks,
    I am trying to keep it fun, although my theory implies some strange things, not all that I like. Trying to explain it to others helps me understand it better myself. I am trying explain it with lots of pictures to help people understand. Much of this does not exactly jump out of an equation at you but I think it fits the theory and our lives. I am better at understanding vacuum and thermodynamics than particle physics but I am trying to do the best I can. The more I am observing the clearer it becomes to me. There is way too much energy coming from our atmosphere and jet streams.

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