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Earthquakes and Sinkholes and Jet Streams Oh My?

August 20, 2013

I noticed a large sinkhole opened up yesterday not far from the recent Earthquake epicenters in New Zealand along with some strong jet streams overhead so I thought I would irritate you with another one.

Some Comments from this article


“Christchurch had new “sinkholes” appearing on an almost daily basis for a couple of years after quakes. Lost half a fire truck into one after the Sept 4th quake”

“The hole?The council is trying to tell us this is not related to the earthquake,I find that difficult to believe after Christchurch,When Te Papa sinks into the harbour,WCC will tell us some other B.S story,maybe some maori legend involving subsidence.”

8-20-13 New Zealanda

New Zealand

8-20-13 New Zealand

New Zealand

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