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Jetbranes? Jetstrings? Jetblack? UncertaintyJet? JetRay? ParticleJet? EnerJet? CompactiJet? SwampJet? QuakeJet? SinkJet?

August 20, 2013

Below is a current video showing the strong jet streams running Northwest towards Virginia.  Along the path of the jet stream are many fish kills and sinkholes, along with non-stop daily rains.  If I had to explain what was happening in Virginia I would tell you that I believe the jet stream is dropping down energetic strings of dark vacuum energy into the oceans in that area of Virginia and ionizing the water as well as possibly conducting electrical charges from the atmosphere blow the surface, paralyzing and electrocuting the dolphins.

Dolphin deaths increase to 160 in Virginia

8-20-13 Weathera

8-20-13 Jet Stream




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