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What If

August 23, 2013

What if the nucleus of the Sun were a mutidimensional brane weighing roughly 2x10e30 kg, give or take, with a radius of 1.8 miles, give or take.  Most of what we really see is just its halo or coma of hydrogen protons from the nucleus decay around its firewall and strings of energetic dark matter making up those “magnetic flux tubes”.

What if that incoming comet also had dark matter nuclei of radius say 0.10 miles, which would still have it weigh in at a whopping 1x10e29 kg, which is still pretty massive.  You can check my math here

Then could it do what you see below?  Because everyone knows ice cannot.  Maybe that is some of the missing 95% mass/energy astronomers just can’t seem to find, and if they could just see it, everything would make a lot more sense.

“An incredible sight in space was recently captured by NASA and the European Space Agency “Soho” space telescope! A small comet plunged into the sun and vanished. A short time later, the camera observes a “coronal mass ejection” — which is the fancy name for a big solar flare. But astronomers say that was only a coincidence — the comet was too small to cause such a big disturbance.NASA is closely monitoring another comet named “Ison” which is expected to pass close by the sun in November.”

“A popular misconception is that sungrazing comets cause solar flares and CMEs (coronal mass ejections). While it is true that we have observed bright comets approach the Sun immediately before CME’s/flares, there is absolutely no connection between the two events. The sungrazer comets — in fact all comets — are completely insignificant in size compared the Sun”.

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