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August 26, 2013

sharknado-attackI have noticed that just like in the Tampa, FL and Brevard, FL areas that have had many dead dolphins and manatees and multiple waterspouts and a tornado so has the Chesapeake Bay area had multiple waterspouts along with dead dolphins. Both of these areas have also had strong, persistent overhead jet streams. Below is a blog article I ran across:

Funnel Clouds Seen, Waterspouts Spotted over Chesapeake Bay
A funnel cloud on the lower Chesapeake Bay Saturday 8/24 afternoon caught many people off guard.

As you know, the Chesapeake bay area has had a very high number of dolphin deaths. In a typical year, about 60 sick and dead dolphins wash up on Virginia’s coastline. So far this year, 170 dead dolphins have been recorded in the Chesapeake Bay or along the Atlantic coast.

Cocoa beach also had a waterspout and a dolphin washed up dead a few days later.

Here are some of today’s weather shots for beautiful icky Florida and Virginia.

8-26-13 Weathere

8-26-13 Florida Doppler

8-26-13 Weatherk

8-26-13 East Coast US Doppler & Satellite

8-26-13 Weatherj

8-26-13 East Coast US Doppler & Satellite

Are we missing something? Is the waterspout an indication of high vacuum energy in the area?  Is the waterspout conducting electrical current directly into the salt water and ionizing the surrounding fish along with everything else?


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