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The Luck of The Irish?

August 29, 2013
8-28-13 Weatherc

I have been watching those strong jet streams and earthquakes over Ireland along with the disgruntled baboons over Northern Europe.

Now that article says that the Earthquakes are caused by the “stresses built up from the weight of glaciers covering land during the Ice Age.” WTF? That theory is crazier than mine.

8-28-13 Weatherf

Strong jet streams on East coast of US and dead fish, dolphins, waterspouts (and sinkholes that I do not show)

8-28-13 Weathere

More of the same

8-28-13 Weatherb

Ditto, another angle

8-28-13 Weathera 8-28-13 WeatherSo just ask yourself how do clouds kill fish and cause earthquakes and you will have a new awareness in your life


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