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September 2, 2013

I am slowly developing an animated 3-D model of these dark energy strings I am theorizing are creating the low pressure disturbances we call hurricanes and I now call hurribranes because I am the one making this stuff up…  You can see a 3-D Image below from 3-D Studio. Within about a week I will have that thing tracking along that path.  Those strings actually flop around, mostly above our heads due to their tension and interactions with other strings.  They also become entangled and can create those rings and halos that were seen in the jet stream leaving hurricane Isaac and Sandy as they ionize the atmosphere and CREATE water vapor as they decay, which then can condense , forming water and ice and pulls a large vacuum creating low pressure.  I am thinking that near land they just create humid, high relative humidity environments since most of the vacuum created is through condensing of water vapor higher in the atmosphere where it is colder.sandy1

Also, I was researching the magnetic field lines for Earth some more and I ran across this very cool rendering which sorta matches up with my model, this whole place is just a bunch of twisted dark energy strings, all interacting and decaying.  I think in the vacuum of space they appear magnetic, which also corresponds to our magnetosphere. Submerse them in some baryonic matter they can ionize and we call it the ionosphere.  Submerse them further in oxygen and nitrogen in what we call the troposphere and as they interact you get what we humans call the weather, as they gradually decay us and our surroundings…

The images below are from the following research site.  Hurricane strings get tangled up just like those you see below, since they are the same animal in my model.


  1. Excellent representation!! Thanks

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