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I just had a thought…

September 10, 2013


January 4 – January 19, 2012

The dual-polarization radar upgrade to the KMLB WSR-88D weather radar was completed on January 19th and radar data is again available. Click here for access to Melbourne 88D radar data. This upgrade has incorporated a new technology called dual-polarization, or dual-pol, that is part of the NWS vision to build a weather-ready nation to better protect lives and livelihoods.  The new technology will result in 14 new radar products that will enable us to continue providing our suite of high quality products and services to the citizens of east Central Florida.  This upgrade will help forecasters identify the type of precipitation that is falling as well as improve rainfall estimates.

I realize you guys in Melbourne, FL are real proud of that new fangled Doppler upgrade you installed last year, but did anybody consider that the same electromagnetic device that measures the weather MIGHT BE ATTRACTING THE WEATHER (BRANES) THAT IS IONIZING AND KILLING THOSE PELICANS, DOLPHINS AND MANATEES???  I have been watching the weather for months and it seems to be persistant in the same area as the Doppler station and the dead animals.

9-10-13 Florida

In the summer of 2012, the lagoon turned the color of paper bags as a brown algal bloom took hold, further shading and choking off any recovering seagrasses.



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