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Spooky Flooding at a Distance?

September 15, 2013

2013-09-14T024215Z_193094469_TM4E99D1QTG01_RTRMADP_3_USA-COLORADO-FLOODINGI am pretty sure I am the only person in the world that is going to tell you that the reason parts of Colorado flooded is that the eyes of at least two tropical storms, Humberto and tropical depression Gabrielle passed over it.  WHAT?  As strange as my theory sounds, it can actually explain the massive flooding that just occurred in Colorado.  I was busy watching the low pressure disturbances in the Atlantic and plotting Jet Streams and I did not really pay much attention to the weather out west underneath those jet streams

Here is a blurb

“But this was better than average,” said Nolan Doesken, a state climatologist, of the epic storm. “This was a particularly concentrated moist air mass, and the kind you associate with the remnants of a tropical storm. (But), I don’t recall this being the remnants of a tropical storm.”

You will notice in the image below there was an extremely strong and wide jet stream passing over New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado and winding up through Canada into New Brunswick and on towards the UK where I have been watching all of those fish kills from hypoxia and sinkholes and an earthquake.  I was also tracking those two low pressure systems towards those areas and tracing the path of these “entangled strings” of dark energy I am theorizing are going up through the Earth and the center of those depressions, winding through the jet streams they are creating and into the Earth in the vicinity of the sinkholes and earthquakes.

9-12-13-entangledIt appears to me that the strings from Humberto and Gabrielle became entangled, increasing the ionization of the oxygen in the air over Colorado and CREATING water vapor from the dark matter decay to protons(H+) plus oxygen ions which quickly condensed, pulled a vacuum, lowering the local pressure and dropped massive amounts of rain over Colorado, approx. 15 inches.

If dark matter strings tend to annihilate each other this would explain why Gabrielle dissipated very quickly and Humberto appears to have become less organized but is gaining strength again, which I tend to believe is from the strings becoming entangled once again.

That’s my reasoning, now what do the meteorologists have to say?  Was it just another weather “phenomena” we see all of the time that science can’t quite explain?  Where did all of that water come from all of a sudden?  Was it just sitting up in the sky waiting to fall?

The National Weather Service called it “Biblical”

In 40 years tracking the vagaries & eccentricities of the weather I’ve never seen the National Weather Service refer to a flood as “biblical”. That’s how the Denver office described it late last week. 15 inches of rain, falling on drought-hardened, wildfire-scarred soil, which made run-off even worse.

If they invoke God and the bible does my theory sound so far fetched?  OK, don’t answer that.  I don’t think you can explain what happened by just the mixing of air and water vapor, let alone all of the lightning.




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  1. MICHAEL HOLLY MORAN permalink


    I am a reader of your blog and live in Fort Collins, Colorado. My hometown and the surrounding communities have been devastated because of the recent flooding. Many forecasters have said it was an extremely unusual weather event, and didn’t believe the forecasts when they saw them due to the sheer amount of moisture held in the sky.

    I thought of your blog when I saw this picture. It was taken above the Loveland/Fort Collins area during the rain. I thought you’d get a kick out of it, due to it’s “stringy” nature. 🙂

    In Peace,
    Holly Moran

  2. Holly,

    I am very sorry to hear. I can’t seem to find the picture. Can you email it to and I will post? You have my prayers


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