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Here, This Should Help

September 25, 2013

Waterspout — an Atmospheric Aerosol Dusty Plasma

An aerosol — capillary electrostatic model of a waterspout is submitted. The waterspout is treated as a long‐living filament of aerosol plasma, which is formed at electric breakdown of interval between a charged cloud and a vertically floating cylinder, which is individual block of ocean’s skeletal structures of revealed recently by author. © 2005 American Institute of Physics

The string of decaying dark matter is creating the plasma, ionizing oxygen, creating water vapor.  It has nothing to do with swirling air and water vapor, that is secondary to the disturbance and is a STUPID thought.  It is our quantum gravity field decaying around us and gradually taking us with it.  Lots of vacuum energy swirling around, much of it we cannot see.



From → Geophysics

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