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Connect The Doppler Dots?

September 28, 2013

I can’t really say why I am spending a Saturday afternoon after coaching baseball drawing lines on a Google Earth Doppler Mosaic when I could be trimming the bushes or watering the plants or watching football, but that appears to be my calling these days. I thought I would show you three short movies of the National  Weather Service Doppler mosaic of the US and take a look at the low pressure system or “cold front” sweeping across the country.  I want you to notice a couple of things that I keep seeing but may just be my imagination.

1) The NEXRAD Doppler station(yellow pins) hits from the weather front appear to be very “stringy” in spots, ie. long thin lines of echo breaking apart and reconnecting in places.  This is what leads me to believe these are very long dark matter strings interacting in the jet stream above, doing this sort of thing below, like all of the little particle strings, just that they are their big brother.

I15-15-interaction (1)

2) It appears that some/many of the lines of echo branch off towards Doppler stations .  Which is VERY ODD to me.  I realize the circles around the Doppler stations are partially just false echo, but why is that front actually visibly branching off in places toward Doppler Stations?  Is there a reasonable explanation?  Maybe the Doppler stations are ATTRACTING those strings of weather?  Maybe that Doppler frequency is tuning into the string frequency and influencing the path?

I don’t know the answer but you should look for yourself (Warning, the videos are boring, but look at the paths of weather.)  I drew in strings on the second and third videos.

I have also included Florida and the Seattle areas.  Both of those areas have had above normal sinkholes and fish kills, etc. as you will know if you have been following.


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  1. jzues permalink

    when I see your Doppler dots—-I also see pinched plasma that looks stretched & sqoooshed (condensed) maybe?

    • Yes, I think these strings are interacting with each other all along that entangled jet stream, coalescing, kinking, breaking off, forming ionized plasma, etc. along their path and creating ionized air and low pressure, something we humans call “severe weather”. If you were to just mix hot/cold/warm air and water vapor it CANNOT do what happens in our atmosphere. Geophysicists are so wrong, THEY ARE NOT EVEN WRONG.
      Thanks for reading

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