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I Don’t Know Anymore

October 1, 2013
Severe Weather

Moore, OK. Is this a photo of entropy being returned to its surroundings from decaying, decohering strings of dark energy ionizing the sky, creating and condensing water vapor, pulling a vacuum and inducing 300 MPH winds?

I have been extremely busy the past few days working on a few projects and coaching my new baseball team so I have not had a chance to take a close look at Mother Earth brane we humans treat like a chemical waste dump and wonder why everything leaks after awhile and gets holes in it (accelerated decay from dark energy). I had North Korea visit my blog last week, I hope I don’t get in trouble…

Honestly, I am just a concerned human being like everyone else trying to piece this thing together and understand how this universe rolls. My first job out of college was as an “Applications Engineer”, I took that to mean I am supposed to “Apply” Science. So that is all I am trying to do with my research.  Thirty years of research on strings and black holes ought to predict something, right? If there are branes out there why not right here?  Are we special or something and entitled to our own kinder gentler physics because our short lives are so perfect?  If you get big black holes why not small ones?  If you get big “cosmic” strings, why not “Earth-Sized” ones?  If they are out in space why not right here in our atmosphere? I realize equations are very important, but what if dark energy is like the quantum random number generator for the universe, chewing up baryonic matter as we know it and spitting back out “entropy” into our dimensions to start over again?  It is very hard to chase that rabbit in an equation if you keep running into singularities and infinties.  I get the sense that our atmosphere and humans are gradually being ionized and shredded by this stuff, if you get caught in a big waterspout or hurricane it shreds you even faster.

I thought I would post a few plots.  I don’t really know what to say about Florida, but the weather and Doppler signatures are staying persistant in the areas shown where lots of biology is dying.  I am not going to tell you what I see, you look for yourself.

10-1-13 Florida

Along the lower end of the Indian River, Hanisak says, the lagoon is looking sick. “This year with the Lake Okeechobee discharges,” he says, “we see very low salinities, we see very high nutrients. We see very high water color. We see high turbidity. [In my model, high vacuum energy in the area, possibly attracted by the high powered Doppler is ionizing the lagoon and creating the toxic brew.  THEY HAVE HAD LOTS OF WEATHER/RAIN IN THE AREA]

10-1-13 Canada

More strings decaying and coming home to New Brunswick, Canada? Oscillating and ionizing and decohering and condensing their surroundings in the atmosphere and Earth?

10-1-13 UK

Europe has had those strong stringy jet streams since the baboons went crazy and fish and whales started stranding and a big earthquake in Ireland.  Humberto turned into an extra tropical storm and headed that way.

10-1-13 Seattle

Lots of bad stuff in the Seattle area, earthquakes, fish kills, red tide, sinkholes, etc., fairly persistent. Look at the weather stringing towards those Doppler stations (yellow).  Am I making that up?

10-1-13 Panhandle

Why does air and water vapor over the smooth gulf water develop all of these stringy looking severe low pressure systems. Why doesn’t it just mix like air and water vapor in a container?

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