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The 9 Biggest (OK 12) Unsolved Mysteries in Physics

October 8, 2013

crop-circleI was reading this interesting article and thought I would take a crack at some of the unsolved mysteries of physics from an engineering perspective.  I am going to keep it short and simple because my wife needs me to mow the lawn…

1.What is dark energy?

It is vacuum energy and much of it is energetic and streaming and stringing between, around and through orbital bodies.  It gradually decays space and us with it.  In our atmosphere humans see the ionization and condensing in the atmosphere and our decay and call it the “weather” and “aging.”

2.What is dark matter?

Same stuff as dark energy, it is vacuum energy curled up at the core of orbital bodies in the universe.  We humans reside on the baryonic decay crust of one of those dark matter branes we call Earth.  The reason we don’t get sucked in is there is a firewall around the surface of the core which builds pressure from the extreme decay of matter near the surface. Branes also appear to suffer chronic indigestion and constipation.

3. Why is there an arrow of time?

There is no such thing as time, it is all really just decay from an initial quantum state. Wives made up time so they can tell when husbands are late and blame it on us. The decay rate of space varies due to the concentration and energy level of vacuum energy, which itself is decaying as it also ionizes and decays our 3 dimensions of space.  The arrow points to the direction of decay, which is an increase of entropy.

4. Are there parallel universes?

Our universe appears to be full of compactified dimensions in energetic branes zipping all around this place.  I would assume outside of our universe brane there is possibly more of the same going on, why should our universe brane be special?  I cannot see out there so let’s leave this one open for more pondering…

5. Why is there more matter than antimatter?

Dark matter is decaying continuously back to matter(H+) and immediately some of it forms other molecules due to transmutation at the surface of dark matter. Baryonic matter is getting ionized, condensed and collapsed continuously by dark/vacuum energy/matter.   We are caught in a push me, pull me between ordinary baryonic matter and dark matter/energy (the vacuum).  Maybe the antimatter is quickly annihilating with matter triggering thunder, booms etc. in the atmosphere during storms

6. What is the fate of the universe?

More of the same emergence inflation, decay and collapse that we are seeing today, like watching re-runs of Star Trek the next generation and the next and the next.

7. How do measurements collapse quantum wavefunctions?

Measurements, like electromagnetic Doppler Radar interacting with strings of vacuum energy in our atmosphere cause the vacuum to change in energy level, momentum and position and to decohere as large quantum objects are unstable.  Quantum dark/vacuum energy wavefunctions are collapsing all of the time as vacuum energy interacts with baryonic matter/energy at its surface, releasing entropy to its surroundings.  Humans have given this decoherence names like microseisms, gravitational waves, lightning, etc. when in fact it is all forms of decoherence.

8. Is string theory correct?

Yes, as far as I can tell.  Just look at the atmosphere above you as the next cold front or storm system approaches.  You will see that clouds transform from low momentum, fluffy, possibly cold dark matter to stringy looking energetic clouds we call cirrus, mammatus, etc. and the atmosphere also becomes “charged up” and sometimes changes color.  What we see is really just the ionizing and condensing going on from these strings of dark energy ionizing and decaying space around us and gradually taking us along with it.  That is why the background radiation goes up slightly during many/most storms.

9. Is there order in chaos?

Nature shows us that there is order in chaos, but it does not last forever.  The flower emerges, inflates/blossoms and decays as does all of nature.  All things come to pass and now you know why.  Cherish those moments.  Many cancers are a “natural” result of “aging”, which is really just quantum decay due to the vacuum.

This universe and Earth was not designed for us, but we happen to live in a region that currently has a blend/concentration of dark/vacuum and baryonic matter/energy that allows us to exist.  “Quantum Nature” has done its best to assemble a human based upon baryonic matter and energy utilizing energy from the decaying quantum vacuum field.  Humans are but a statistical probability that was shaped by the quantum vacuum field, as is our evolution.  Humans and the Earth’s crust are being bioformed and terraformed by vacuum energy and its quantum decoherence continuously.

10. Where are all the Aliens?

Our universe is filled with 120 times more dark energy than physicists can find and it happens to be killing us humans (read my blog).  We are in a very tight relationship with energetic dark/vacuum energy as it is what creates the quantum gravity fields around all bodies in the universe as well as what we call our weather.  No alien in his right mind that has figured out how to live a long life would visit Earth with the amount of vacuum energy in our atmosphere decaying all of us.  Any smart ones will have found a low vacuum area to reside in and make their own world, if there is such an area.

11. Who creates crop circles?

It appears to me it may be Michio Kaku pushing Stephen Hawking through the barley fields at night with Ed Whitten holding the extension cord connected to a portable Tesla quantum field energy generator.  They are the only guys that are smart enough because I sure to hell could not create those things in the dark in a couple of hours and I do not know of any extension cords long enough.

12.  Why I don’t and can’t rule out God and Neither should Science

I believe something from the quantum field is trying to show us the way this universe works, as I have stated many times before.  It makes reasonable sense to me that God should be part of the quantum vacuum field that created us, connects us, kills us and just might save us before we destroy ourselves.  Big if on that last item.

So far physics has left us with many occurrences that humans can only explain by “Mother Nature” and “Acts of God” because the 5% that we observe cannot explain the 95% energy that is right there in front of us but compactified and beyond our senses. Einstein was not proud of Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Fission.  Either one may kill us humans at any time.  The only solution so far for Fukushima, which was triggered by dark/vacuum energy in my model, is for physicists to keep dumping more water on it. THAT IS A TRAGEDY FOR ALL HUMANITY.


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  1. Linda Mayden Edwards permalink

    I am thrilled to find this site……spend way too much on books…..have been a physics junkie since elementary school and have nobody to discuss any of it without much disinterest and eye rolling………..

  2. Linda,

    Thanks for visiting. I have a slightly different slant on string theory and dark matter/energy but, hey why not have fun looking for it…

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