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October 9, 2013

nasaI thought I would update everyone on ISON since, well, (1) NASA was claimed by government uncertainty, (2) the deep impact probe was claimed by uncertainty as it got closer to ISON and (3) NASA’s Balloon Rapid Response for ISON was claimed by uncertainty on its way to the upper atmosphere to view ISON.  If this were baseball that is called a strikeout.  Luckily they get a couple more at bats and I am still rooting for them.

Anyway, I have been watching & reading Bruce Gary’s website as he is daily monitoring ISON’s progress.  Bruce was the guy who spotted ISON before NASA as it came back into view.

Below is a summary of his observations:

1) ISON is NOT following the typical/expected brightening curve of a ball of ice subliming to a gas, increasing in intensity as it approaches the sun.  Its light curve has almost flat-lined.

2) ISON has a peculiar tail with inner and outer layers with different light characteristics.

3) ISON is shooting a “tail” or something straight ahead of itself.  Other comets have done this and they have been referred to as “horns”.

Oct 08 BG jet

Scarmato’s spatial structure enhancement (using false color) of Gary’s Oct 08 stack of the 41 sharpest out of 95 images (30-sec exposure, 11-inch telescope, Cb filter).

Just so you know, my image of a comet is a collection of clumped dark/vacuum branes with an icy transmuted crust covering their firewall.  As the nuclei become more active due to interactions with the solar wind I think the crust, if thin, tends to be blown away, some of it evaporating and subliming.  A thick enough crust might actually explode if the internal pressure were to build, which is why some meteors explode, and even comets. All that is left then is a string of black hole branes (curled up vacuum energy) with firewalls and comas of protons and other charged particles around them.

These nuclei should remain active at their surface and may actually break up as they become more energetic.  Many of the branes stringing along may resemble plasmoids or torroids which I believe are multidimensional branes of this vacuum energy and plasmoids are known to show up in comet tails and even Earth’s tail.  In my model these energetic harbingers of uncertainty are like the random number generator of our dimensions of the universe.  Best they stay far away from Earth and hopefully our Sun is up for the challenge.  They can orbit THROUGH planets based upon my model. Everyone should watch closely, but it does not look good for the ice and snow model unless scientists invent some new exotic forms of ice to fit a 60 year old outdated model.

Since smaller vacuum branes trigger the weather and atmospheric disturbances on Earth, if they are massive enough they can do the same with the Sun’s weather, as I believe these orbiting bodies are all the same animals at their core. I sent Bruce an email on my version of a comet, he did not respond and may lump me in with the doom and gloomers, I do not know.  He has a very good website, check it out.


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  1. I like your train of thought, really makes you think. I ran across your site when I was researching my own speculative piece. At least I hope it’s speculative!

    • Larry,

      Thanks for commenting. I like your blog and I like your analysis. I too think there is a lot of mass & energy all curled up there. I think we have a lot more dark/vacuum energy around us than we thought. Using “mother nature” and “acts of god” to explain all of this energy has not served us well.

      I am also wondering the effect in January when we pass through ISON’s trail of “particles”

  2. One more piece I am pretty sure you will find fascinating:

    It seems there is some actual proof of particles penetrating the whole earth along the lines of your thinking.

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