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Way to Go Guys

October 21, 2013

10-21-13 Florida

Hundreds of Thousands of Fish and Biology are Dying across the Country, much of it appears to me to be around Doppler stations.

1 in 55 children born today have brain damage (Autism). My oldest Son is on the “edge” of the spectrum, but gifted in school.  He would scream when he was younger at sounds and is ultrasensitive to anything touching his skin.


Bee Colonies Have Collpsed by 50-90% Across the US, over 30% died just over last Winter

US_bee_decline1 Two years later Fukushima is still spewing radiation and the best our brightest can come up with is to keep dumping water on it, possibly for the next few decades?

Climate change is accelerating as is our use of fossil fuels

We are pumping a couple hundred MW’s of energy continuously into the atmosphere above our heads with those Doppler Stations.  WHERE IS ALL OF THAT ENERGY GOING?

If life were school, we as humans have flunked out and failed our children.

All that and what if the missing 95% source of energy was right here all of the time, just above our heads?


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  1. jzues permalink

    had to share:)

  2. Dude,
    That was funny, I need more humor these days…
    Thanks for following

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