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Do You Really Want to Know What I Think?

October 23, 2013

10-23-13 Florida Doppler2 10-23-13 Melbourne  Doppler10-23-13 Florida Doppler3

After two years of research, it has led me to believe the Doppler radars, which are pumping 0.25 to 1.25 MWs of energy continually into the atmosphere above our heads are energizing the “weakly ionized plasma” or “dark/vacuum energy” within the atmosphere which in turn is discharging it onto all biology and the Earth, creating increased sinkholes during storms, waterspouts and weakly ionizing the waterways triggering blooms and hypoxic conditions.  In some areas it is leading to accelerated decay of the Earth and triggering seismic events.

In humans, it is most likely increasing some forms of cancer linked to non-ionizing radiation and free radicals and acidification.  Doppler radars and high energy military radars are most likely the reason for the tremendous increase in Autism and probably Alzheimer’s disease in this country and around the world. It has most likely also contributed to the disappearance of the bees. This universe gave us a very thin slice within the troposphere/lithosphere to reside in.

TURN OFF THE GOD DAMN DOPPLER AND MILITARY RADARS near civilian populations (use satellites and drones) and biology will heal itself.  However, our pain and grief will never heal.


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