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I Can’t Stop

November 4, 2013

11-4-13 Montana Red TideEverytime I see a new algae bloom or fish kill within the echo of a Doppler tower I have to take it out. Sorry, I know you weather guys are proud of them but MIT LINCOLN LABS SCREWED UP IN THE 1990’s AND THEY ARE DAMAGING ALL BIOLOGY AROUND THEM ACCORDING TO MY RESEARCH.

SEELEY LAKE – Salmon Lake is home to a world of outdoor activities like swimming and fishing, boating and camping. It is also home to a toxic, blue-green algae bloom.

The Clearwater Resource Council, which is an organization that monitors the health of the Clearwater chain of lakes, said an algae bloom appeared on Salmon Lake in late October.

The CRC works closely with the Flathead Lake Biological Center and sent researchers a sample of the algae to confirm it’s identity.

“It is a toxic blue-green algae called Aphanizomenon,” Tom Bansak, who is a research scientist, said. “Aphanizomenon is an indicator of poor or deteriorating water quality. It tends to like high-nutrient situations that have typically been caused by humans.”

Homes built along the lake, a septic system along the lake shoreline, logging, roadways– changes in the land result in more nutrients entering the water.

“There’s a bunch of lakes upstream from Salmon Lake, including Seeley Lake. Seeley Lake is one of the largest unsewered communities in Montana and is a concern for water quality degradation,” Bansak mentioned. “All of the water that comes from those lakes ends up in Salmon Lake.”

In a press release sent to ABC FOX Montana on Friday, Brenda Lindlief Hall, who is the executive director of the CRC, said that this is the third year in a row the blue-green algae bloom has been observed on the lake, and this bloom is far bigger than in year’s past.

Bansak added, “A toxic algae bloom like this, over and over, could kill all the life in the water body.”

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