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OK, One More

November 5, 2013
11-5-13 Santa Cruz

Algae blooms in Santa Cruz are persistent within the reflective area of the Doppler tower, as I am seeing around the country. I believe part of the ~1MW output is radiated back to the Earth and waterways as low-frequency, penetrating, ionizing radiation damaging all biology over time.

Red Tide Algae Persists In Santa Cruz
Surfers, beware: the Red Tide is still here.

The annual algae bloom usually runs from August to October, but has hung around the Santa Cruz shoreline for about a month longer than normal, according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

That means more stink — and more allergies — and less time in the water, the newspaper reported.

MORE: Starfish Turning Up Dead on West Coast

Calm, warm waters in the fall create ideal conditions for the algal bloom, which also attracts fish and plankton as it turns the water its distinctive color.

But when the algal blooms die, a pungent aroma is released that’s most unpleasant for would-be beachgoers.

Folks with allergies react to “proteins” in the water — which will dissipate as soon as rains and cooler weather comes to the area.

I am trying out another new weapon

Wow, I like that one

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